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I know a number of people are unhappy with the "neo" format that Yahoo! has imposed on its Groups and wonder if anyone is interested in migrating from Yahoo! Groups to a message board format.

I see two possible methods of achieving this. Both will take considerable time and obviously cannot be offered as a free service. I would however like to offer to do this for anyone interested at a reduced rate as it will be a learning process for myself. I cannot state numbers because it will depend on size and what method has to be used. No result = no fee.

Anyone interested, there is no need to register here and post - but you can if you wish - as there is a contact page linked at the top and bottom of all pages here, where you can contact me with the basic details. Be prepared for a couple of questions and a little interaction before a plan can be made.

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I'm just playing the role of "encouragement coach" here ~ any move is unsettling/intimidating for established groups, but there is NO comparison between being hosted by others and being self-hosted ~ when MSN annouced it was closing groups, we migrated to yuku in November 2008 ~ in August 2012, we migrated from yuku to self-hosting ~ it was the singular BEST decision we ever made for our group ~

For those of you unhappy with Yahoo! or other hosts, please do yourselves a favor and at least explore the options available today ~


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