Do you block the TrendMicro bots that trail after your site visitors or just have to put up with them in case you get blacklisted? This is a difficult question to answer but a "business decision" to block might be easily made, as not too many people use TrendMicro software. Additionally, the stats may be inflated by people who think they have uninstalled their TrendMicro product and the uninstall is incomplete.

The solution is simply to have TrendMicro classify your site.


Yes, exactly! They have crawled every corner, tried to access private or restricted areas and yet still have not classified your site. Good going, TrendMicro (not)!

  • Simply visit this page:
  • Enter your site URL and press "check now".
  • Once you get your result, scroll down the page and press "reclassify request".
  • Complete the brief form on the following page and press "ok".
  • You will then receive a confirmation email with a link to click (do this).
  • A few hours later you will get an email saying it has been processed.

The bots stop!