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Have a problem with one of our global moderators. She cannot log in as she is permanently banned (her words). She last logged in at 13.31 yesterday and I banned the last spammer by IP Addresses at 11.03 and 11.25, so I guess it cannot be that.

Her username is not on the banned list

Her email address is unlikely to be on the banned list

I just tried ACP / Manage Users / Ban by IP Address to see what it shows and it gives the message "No IP addresses or hostnames defined"

I cannot find out how to ascertain what her IP Address is to see if it is somehow on the banned list. Google results didn't help me, some answers suggest there is a '?' option but I don't have this.

I just changed her password in the ACP and I can log in from here. I can't now risk looking at banning by IP as it is likely my IP at this point and I don't want to ban myself.

Any ideas please?

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She managed to log in today. She had left her router off for a while, so maybe (unless she is on a fixed IP - unlikely) she got a new IP Address and it's not banned?

I'd still like to know how to investigate this sort of thing. phpBB3 ACP seems short on IP information, unless I'm missing something :)

If only one knows the IP Address of a user one can use Users&Groups/BanIPs panel in the ACP to check and exclude? Although it's hardly an intuitive set of options :eek :\

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I'd never suggest using phpBB to ban by IP address.

Frankly, the whole thing ^^ is a mess!

As always, one begins with defining the problem. This is most likely the fall-down here. One needs to find out exactly what happened and not the User's interpretation. What exactly did she do? What happened? What exactly did she see? When did this happen? What timezone is she in? (So you can check server logs)

Only when you have the basic information can you begin to troubleshoot and/or define the problem. Once the problem is defined, usually the answer is obvious.

IF I had to troubleshoot this blindly (and it is unlikely I would even bother for an individual), I would take a look at the server log taking a best guess for the time and IP address and looking for any error codes that may match up. IF I found something likely, I may be able to find a solution.

It would appear that you are now in a situation where an issue DOES exist and you no longer have any symptoms of that issue. To me, THIS is more of an issue and more important to resolve. Find out who the heck else is being affected by this that you don't currently know about. Get the detail and dig in to the server log. It's the only place you have a chance of finding anything. Are you able to interpret what you find? Are you able to locate the cause of the issue? Are you able to resolve the cause, without further compromising security or causing another issue?

So, if your server logs are not saved, go and download them right now before they are lost. Stats may be of some assistance, if you have a glance at the error code section/s.

If this is urgent, please contact me in some other way. I forget to visit this board, sometimes for weeks.

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I don't believe I have access to server logs (?)

When I look at a user's profile on this board I see a list of IP Addresses, as I do on two of my boards. But the board in question doesn't give my this information.

As the user is able to login and post then my easiest option is to assume all is now ok :) So I wouldn't want to spend your time thanks :)

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