Rapmusic.com Admin of 14 Years Quits Due to Differences With Crowdgather

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"J o o k", who joined rapmusic.com on Mar 1, 1999 and has a post count of 71,472 has just announced his "retirement", stating "Crowdgather and I have different visions." and "Call it the inability to reconcile creative differences." as his reasons. He later states, "In short I asked for a certain amount of control this past week because I have ventures that are coming up with black that could benefit rm, but I didn't like the answer I got so I'm washing my hands."

I don't know the hierarchy there but J o o k has the highest ratings of: +3,463 / -254. The story smacks of similarities with NikeTalk.com, who were successful in their escape from Crowdgather around July 18th 2012.

I would normally not quote substantial amounts of text from another site but in this case I will because this topic could soon disappear as is very much the norm in cases like this. I could be wrong, maybe the "bury technique" will be used instead. So, if you also wish to fully quote anything of note from this topic, please feel free. Do make sure you remove any personal and private detail like email addresses though.

J o o k wrote:It's been a long time coming bros.

Crowdgather and I have different visions.

Call it the inability to reconcile creative differences.

So after 15 years, I'm calling it quits.

I may pop up every now and again to say what's up but other than that, bless all of you guys.

If you need to hit me up, contact me at ***removed***

Long live RM! :scared:

Peace and God Bless.

J o o k wrote:In short I asked for a certain amount of control this past week because I have ventures that are coming up with black that could benefit rm, but I didn't like the answer I got so I'm washing my hands.

Members express there has been some forms of degradation, since Crowdgather bought the forum and this is in spite of all the upgrades and attention that have quite often been the subject of a press release. Something not quite right here, I think.
Mr. Truth wrote:crowd gather doesnt seem too interested in growing this forum.

Pace Beats wrote:lmaoooo dudes bought this website when it was peaked , bva full aeh was poppin

bva is dead and so is this forum , safe to say they ran this shit into the ground jeff should buy it back for a dollar bill

Geedorah wrote:In a year the only people left on this site will be 10 trolls.

itsaviman wrote:What is sad is, me, water, dely, flic, and several others that have been here for 10 plus years, all could see the downfall, and the bullshit that bin laden terrorist brought to this board when he bought it.

It went downhill ever since, and got worse by the fucking day.

But here you, and blackanese were, laughing at us, saying, "haha leave! big things coming! sanjay the man! we taking rm to new levels! we dont need you!"

When, you did need us, and a lot more than even that.

Yet here you are leaving, because you realize the same shit.

Sanjay, was the complete wrong person for this shit.

Jeff trolled him, made 6 figures, and said peace.

If he was still here there might be a chance.

'But sanjay is a piece of shit.
And you know you faked saying "big things to come!" "sanjay backing us up bros we never died, we dont need you!"

Everyone saw through it.

this site is dead within a year, or 2.

or there will be like 5 posts a day.

You can read more, while it lasts, at Rapmusic.com

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Members are now saying that J o o k should start his own site and they will follow him over. The idea is getting support.

Smouble ML wrote:What if u started ur own site jook?

But u cant be a mod on it due to conflict of interest. You can post n ect but have all the reg mods here mod your site n we all jump.ship.

And on YOUR board, implement the stuff on it thst you and black have been discussing.

Bring the fitness contest and the GRB over there.

What they need to realize is that CrowdGather is not hugely interested in the members. It primarily wants their content, so they can display adverts. I did look earlier at some stats and really the site is not that popular with outsiders. There are few inbound links and Google does not index that many pages, so the ad views that the forum is getting in the main are from members.

If another board is formed, members should try and remove their own content. The situation was not nice on NikeTalk and there were many bans. Post editing was stopped. However, they can still request removal of their intellectual property (posts), just the same as NikeTalk members.

The backgrounds and content are quite different but really once they got in the same pot, there is not a lot of difference between the two sites. If Rapmusic.com does jump, it will leave a ghost ship, just like SneakerTalk became, with a few spam posts and staff pretending to be members, when they get a little time.

This certainly does not bode well for page-views. Another situation handled well -- not!

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A new forum has been set up on vBulletin. It has a way to go yet but it certainly is getting the hits. From the look of it, this is rising as the max happened to coincide with when I looked.

Check it out at The Rap Network.

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The new forum is doing very well, while the old CrowdGather one is slowly filling with spam.

I found it quite hilarious that there has been a recent "pump" by CrowdGather, which actually names rapmusic.com.

[Tapatalk] is engaged to provide mobile solutions for the firm's other large forum brands, including RapMusic.com and Pocketables.com, among others.

This is exactly what happened when niketalk.com jumped ship back in 2012. There was a knee-jerk reaction releasing a very poor beta mobile app.

Yes, share prices have risen. It is only possible to fool some of the people for some of the time though. CrowdGather's failure to deliver and tardiness lets them down every time! If I am right, this will only be a flurry. If I am wrong, great. Good luck to them!

On the positive side, perhaps CrowdGather are realizing that it is better to just let people leave if they wish. When NikeTalk jumped, CrowdGather's reaction and actions were a real eye opener and I include the actions of their CEO, Sanjay Sabnani, all of which are now removed from public view.

What I cannot repeat are the threats that were issued to NikeTalk staff before the jump occurred. What I will say is that these threats had a bearing on the decision to move. Perhaps in time, someone will tell their story.

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WoW :eek CG is (to put it politely) not so nice guys after all, it's almost like they contradict themselves. ;D

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