(Run board) Help Plz with Photobucket.

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I have a 50's group up and running with Runboard now, it hasn't been running for long (since April of this yr), I'm just getting used to it my self to be honest.
I'm very used to the Yuku groups, I can sort most problems with Yuku but one of my members from my 50's Yuku group has joined me on Runboard and is having a problem posting images on Runboard.
She has no problem posting her pictures in our 50's Yuku group but just cannot post her pictures in the Runboard group.
I've been tearing my hair to help her but I just cannot find the problem.
Can any one help please?

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From memory, Runboard is very simple. Just select the "IMG" code from photobucket and post it.

http://support.photobucket.com/hc/en-us ... ing-Images

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Hi Andrew, Yes Runboard is pretty much like this board.
I will pass your message on thank you and let you know how Caz gets on with it.
Sorry you had to move this here, I did think after I posted it I did a wrongy and post it in the wrong thread but I have no delete button, or I would have deleted it and posted it in here.
Thanx again.

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