Becky (aka) Arizona Got Fired From Yuku

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:eek Becky has been with Yuku for YEARS and they fire her. :\
My guess is Yuku is hurten financially and is suffering for the lack there of, I wonder who else they fired, I'm sure there's a lot more who got canned behind the lines that we don't know about.

Is this the end of Yuku or just the end of CG period?

Sorry this had to happen to her, most certainly isn't fair but, society isn't based on fairness in the world of reality. ;)

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Because this was made public, I have decided to let this topic remain. I also think it is fair to make a quote:
Arizona/Becky wrote:The company decided they only need one support person.

I also wish to point out that as far as I understand Becky was a contractor and not an employee. The word "fired" is not only a bit harsh but it would also be incorrect.

Yes, I fully believe this was at least partially (or even mainly) due to cost-cutting measures.

I know how hard it is for Becky to deal with. The unfortunate and hard truth is that things will continue without her presence. They may be different. They may not be as good. Plain incorrect advice may be given by muddlers and meddlers. However, life will go on.

On a personal note, I can identify with Becky. We have a few things in common. I cannot say that I always agreed with her but the times I didn't were rare. This is life! I do hope her studies have put her in better sted for gaining alternative work. I also hope that she has just as much fun and satisfaction from whatever she does in the future.

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Becky was always so friendly and helpful to me all the years I "knew" her. I do hope all goes well for her and her family in the future.


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aww sorry to hear of this.
Becky helped me a lot thru the beginning years of my screw ups.;)
i got some kind of message from yuku that i peeked at for a few seconds. i guess they are going through a big change.

IMO they have lost many members to facebook.

if anyone talks to her please let her know that i am grateful for all the time she helped me and others and i wish her well.

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I know I am later with this but I too have missed her, she was good value there, now if Chris went then I would too.

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oh but we still do get to interact with Sandy and Martha ;) not on Yuku or as its known now Tapatalk.

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