Left Tapatalk And Gone To Aimoo

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I decided to take my group to Aimoo, was over Tapatalk, wanted our backgrounds back and been able to see the last post when posting a message getting to old to remember...there we lots of other reasons as well.
We are loving it there too.

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Hi, great to "see" you again, it's been a while as I don't drop by here much (and it seems few others do either)

Great stuff. Did you manage to migrate all of your membership and data over? or did you effectively start again?

I ditched Yuku (6000+ members) in 2009, and in favour of starting again completely for many reasons. Moved to vBulletin and built up to 2500 members, but then migrated (members and data) in Jan 2018 to Xenforo. Have to say am extremely happy with Xenforo2 :D

The old Yuku board (now Tapatalk) is still there and is a useful reference, but I have to say it looks "bland" now, and strange that the ACP is very phpBB (I have other boards on phpBB so that part is very familiar)


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I think these things are all possible, with TapaTalk Groups, depending on which version of phpBB they are using, but in general, I do not blame you for leaving.

I was not even sure that Aimoo were still around. I thought they closed their doors years ago!

For anyone wanting an ezBoard, type of experience, runboard still exists.

I gotta say, it feels weird to me, posting on a forum. I do not recall the last time that I did! I still work with them, though...

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My Aimoo group has been going since 2008.
I still have my TT group but not many posters though.
It's good to come back and chat in here.
Hi Renegal, Paul and Andrew, hope you are all well.
DD x

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Hi DirtyDancer, I am well hope you are well also.
Andrew Aimoo never ever shut down it went to a new server, they are still adding all the things to it that they use to have plus more, at least it is a stable server.
My members still have a whinge now and then because something isn't there yet, everyone is so impatient these days LOL or old and grumpy....hehe
Anyway I just popped in today to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas & a Happy 2019

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Merry Christmas to you too

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Do any of you know if there are codes for Aimoo? If so can you share them with me please and thank you. I made a board over there yesterday.

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