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It has been quite awhile, I am actually shocked I'm still a member. :lol We had a big storm back in August, after loss of power and internet, then crappy internet for the next month and a half, when it got fixed I started checking bookmarks, see if I should delete some. Don't know why really, guess it just got me into a cleaning mood. :D

Anyway, I checked here and logged in. So hi Andrew and hi to anyone who pops by. :)

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You have been in my thoughts a few times, of recent. Nothing bad. Nothing that good either. Just came into my mind a few times...

I have not been here, since my last post *points down* and I even had to log-in because I did a double take at the last poster name. Strange coincidence that it happened to be the same day as you posted.

How the heck are you?

I still have the email address that you may still have, but I have not used it in eons! I have not had a notification from it either... *thinks* and I wonder why! I do honestly dislike PMs, but if you want to get in touch with me faster, you can either email me from the interact button, my profile, or the contact form *points up*.

Gawd! It feels strange posting on a forum! *hides under chair*

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Am I in limbo in your thoughts? :lol

Yep, that post was the only reason I decided to add my own. If there hadn't been such a new thread, I would have just peeked and left. I've done the whole posting to nobody thing on several old boards, never brings anyone to respond. So now I look for actual life. :D

I've been... stressed. Trying to navigate through a lawyer that seems determined to block me from buying my mother's place, and now the derecho that went through here that will take us years to clear out all the downed trees. If you blinked while watching any U.S. news, you would have missed any report on the storm.
Aside from that, just the usual, being stabbed by needles for one reason or another.

I still have the same e-mail. Wait, there's an interact button? Now I have to look. I really have been away from forums for a long time. I even had trouble logging into that place that used to be yuku. I got there, tripped over something and fell in, basically. :lol

It is odd to post, I do it so rarely anymore, and I try! :lol

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Sakra! I'm just reading this now. I need to take a little time for things to sink in and connect. I have memories of a cistern and wells... yet an apartment with neighbors. (saying no more!) I could have my wires crossed though...

I fixed my email and broke Thunderbird, then I fixed TB and broke my email. Now, I tread the middle line and both work. I'm thinking I will use it in a couple of days. :)

I don't look at forums much. Oddly, I am working on one at the moment. It was a rescue job, and now I am just fixing a few things as I find them... It does not surprise me that it is a ghost town out there. TX crossed my mind recently. I meant to look and see what was happening... but, 1,000,001 other things seemed to take priority. :lol

Our lives sound somewhat similar, so I can relate to a lot of what you are saying. As I said, I will let my thoughts settle and be in touch in 2-3 days...

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