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There are a number of reasons why IE9 may not render this font.

IE9 will not download a cross-domain font as a security precaution.
There may be something like a proxy (or security software) stripping the "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" from the header.
Settings may prevent the download of fonts.

For the IEs, this will be limited to IE9+

Of course a different browser will most likely work in this case and likely the most reliable from this aspect would be Chromium.

However, the first step in anything is to clear cache!

It must be ensured that the EU is in possession of a full and current set of files. Most people know that IE does not always do what er expect it to do. In fact, most people have stopped using IE now. For any other browser a cache clear is a cache clear. For IE, you may have to do this up to 5 times just to be sure. It also helps if you set your request properly. There is no point clearing everything other than what you want to clear!

For many, this may work. Job done and end of story.

Keeping more along the lines of trouble-shooting this type of issue, the next step for the EU is to press F12 on the keyboard and see if there are any error messages. Error messages will guide as to where to look for the cause of the problem.

Please don't get me wrong here. I do have an issue with there not being a fail-safe in place here in case of issues like this.

It is a normal every day issue with any static content, which has been changed. The first step is to try a hard refresh (Ctrl+F5). No fix? Clear cache. No fix? Read the manual! Check your settings. Trouble-shoot your browser and security software. Only then should the source be contacted and provided with all the relevant information. Do not expect the recipient of a trouble ticket to be clairvoyant. Do not expect the recipient of a ticket to be willing to help you, if you show no sign of being willing to help yourself. Do not lose the rag with the person you are asking for help because it is not likely to be their fault.

If you want help:

Write a clear and concise subject line.
Operating System (include any service pack).
Browser and version.
Link to where the issue was observed.
(possibly: What you did immediately before.)
Clear and concise description of the problem (and keep opinion out of it!).
List what you have already tried.
(if likely to be relevant: List your security software.)

I really hate to troubleshoot for IE because it is much more simple to use a better browser. Let's face it, just about anything is better than IE. Carrying on from the above ...

Press F12 (Developer Tools) and look for error messages as these may guide you where to look.
Open your options panel and look for any signs of font downloading being disabled.
Try temporarily lowering your security level.
Try compatibility mode.
Staying on the one page, briefly disable your security software and retest.

Above all, if you do not know how to work with your options panel, what the heck compatibility mode is or what developer tools are, Google them! It's your browser, which you are choosing to use. Learn about it!

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One thing Cattag probably doesn't know is that we are all Yuku Members here just like he/her helping other members as best we can.
We are not employed by Yuku and neither is this the Yuku help desk where the Yuku Team coordinates the works of the Yuku Network.

In the event of certain issues of course this is a good place to come for help.
Other members who have or are experiencing the same issues can offer help.
Several in here have pointed out some ways to fix it as well as offered help in other ways.

One thing I do not tolerate is people who come in here yelling out loud (with large capitalized fonts such as Cattag has been doing  until he/she was politely asked to stop doing so) and supposedly thinking we are at their beck and call, like we are the ones here responsible for their issue.

And then...of course... does not come back to thank anyone for helping.

Ok, I have given my 2 cents. Image

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i did all you suggested and still nothing. though i do see them on the member colors. but nothing on fourums..i have put in a support ticket and as usual no i guess i will never change my fourums. oh well..there is always excoboard....i have a backup group there..i can move to there since yuku does not care to have me. since they never answer my support ..

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Once again I have removed your offensively large font.

People here have gone to a lot of time and effort to try and help you and to be honest, it does not even seem like you have read their posts, let alone taken anything on board. As you have not detailed "all you suggested", how on earth would we know you have not missed anything?

I am really beginning to understand why your tickets may go without reply, should that actually be the case.

cattag2, I believe you are making little effort to help yourself. Let's face it, if you even tried one alternative browser, you'd see the icons.

Please stop being so rude and ungrateful. I'm not even sure ExCoBoard would be too happy with you either.

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