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Messaging members
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Author:  Jayne [ 1/28/13 23:35:59 ]
Post subject:  Messaging members

With this new control panel how do you message selected members...i cant find the option anywhere

Author:  andrew [ 1/29/13 02:07:46 ]
Post subject:  Messaging members

Much the same way, Jayne. Think of the "new" control panel just like it has been reskinned. Most things are just the same, only with a different look. The clipboard is something that has changed a little. Select your members just the same as before and then press the blue "Update Clipboard" button at the bottom of the listing. Then if you scroll back up to the top, you can click the "Clipboard" button and you will find the options to view, message, edit or save to list. I would suggest you view first just to make sure you have selected the right ones and then is falls down because of the navigation. To get out select "Members" again in the menu. Next you can choose to Clipboard > Message.

You were probably fine, just not used to having to manually update the clipboard.

Author:  Jayne [ 1/29/13 07:58:31 ]
Post subject:  Messaging members

Oky doky....thats new to me i just selected the members then hit the message button....so thanks Image

Author:  andrew [ 1/29/13 08:32:29 ]
Post subject:  Messaging members

Yeah ... bit of a backward "improvement". *shrugs*

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