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I asked about the forum tab in the new help is the reply

There are no plans to use the forums here at the help desk.
For user-to-user help there is

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Thanks Jayne.

So, what do I do? I started this board to replace what was lost between the old official support board and the skins board. You know mostly where the help came from on both these boards.

The board you mention above was owned by a member of staff until a month after I started this board, when it was signed over to a member and opened for posting.

Being as the mentioned board - as well as being linked to in some of the help articles - belongs to a member, it is really just another board and really should not be handed out by members of staff as is is showing a favoritism. People there do not really have the expertise and knowledge and generally just hand out a snippet of code, which someone else has likely written.

I really think it is time to force the issue: Is there an official board or not? If not, there should be no favoritism.

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I totally agree thats why i posted it....they should have a link to you too for that matter

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