The default yuku post order is oldest to newest. This can be reversed if you are a "yuku Supporter", which costs $7 for 6 months or $12 for a year. This is completely different from topic ordering.

It is also possible to gain some "Supporter" credit by contributing to your regular forum, if they are allowing contributions for "yuku Gold".

I honestly do not know what happens if one were to contribute $1 to a forum and change one's settings to "newest first". It should certainly be possible to do this but would the setting remain after the "Supporter" credit runs out? Perhaps someone could report on this, so it may be of help to others.

Settings are available via one of the following:
  1. Account (link in the navbar) > Settings > Preferences
  2. Wrench (icon in the navbar) > Forum > Preferences

  1. Be sure to ensure that you do not set up a recurring subscription. You must uncheck the checkbox to do so.
  2. If you contribute "Gold" to a message board, you have the option to do so anonymously. Consider this carefully as this cannot be changed later.
  3. Tread carefully if you see the 99 cent promotion. This used to be "The promo is for converted accounts that have never purchased supporter in the past. If you have ever been a supporter, you will not see the promo." If this is still the case, then you would be required to convert your original (pre-2010) profile to the still in beta "converted profile". This is an irreversible process! A great many people who have done so regret this and a few don't. If you rarely visit your profile or use Private Messages, then this may be an OK option for you to gain $2 off the cost of "Supporter".