Posts disappearing and reappearing.

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This was attempted back when Yuku actually had forums on which one could post.

For 2-3 hours every day on my board ( posts and edited posts disappear and then reappear later on. This is driving all of us insane, and it's a board-level (not a single member) type of a problem.

I have sent yuku several tickets regarding the subject, as have several of my members, yet nothing has been done and I am not even receiving a reply from whoever it is that works in the yuku offices. This has been going on for months.

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Your board is on cdb9.

There are numerous posts here:

According to Ceco's email:
2.) What does it mean for my forums?

As far as the service itself, you will continue to experience the same service and offerings you did in the past. In addition, soon you can expect improvements, particularly related to speed. We have outgrown our old colo and last month we had the highest number of people visiting your forums in a long time. We are moving our 200+ servers to new, much larger Amazon managed server farms; with support for auto scaling under demand. This server farm, distributed in several location around the world comes with many stability and speed related improvements.
Then there is this topic:

It has been said that "Caching issues are a daily occurrence cdb9" and no doubt things are a bit worse while the servers are being moved.

You are quite right to submit a ticket reporting this.  Including Board URL, server number, when it occurs and in what time zone you are referring to may help pin-point the issue.  However, ultimately this is towards over-all improvement and we are all suffering it to some degree or other.

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