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Last Post Not Showing
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Author:  DirtyDancer [ 1/29/14 22:06:11 ]
Post subject:  Last Post Not Showing

This is hard to explain but one of my members pointed out that when she posts here>>>~LET US KNOW YOU ARE HERE TODAY~
her last reply doesn't show up, she has to go forward a page to find her last reply, also in this thread too.>>>~FIND ANOTHER~
I had a look and I can see what she means, sorry I can't explain better than I have but I know what I mean. ;)


Author:  andrew [ 1/29/14 22:33:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: Last Post Not Showing.

You likely have a hidden reply in that topic that is throwing the pager out. This is a very long term bug with yuku. Can you check to see if there is a hidden reply and confirm please? If so, that is your answer and if not, we need to look at other causes.

You perhaps didn't realise you didn't leave links to the topics.

Author:  DirtyDancer [ 1/29/14 22:54:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: Last Post Not Showing.

Could well be the problem Andrew.
Remember me asking your advice about hiding copyright pics?
Do I un hide them now?

Author:  andrew [ 1/29/14 23:16:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: Last Post Not Showing.

Depends on how big the topics are.

You could delete them as you originally intended. If you wish to preserve these posts, you could copy the topic to a private forum and delete the offending posts in the public version. If the topic are large, you could consider splitting them. There are plenty of options.

There was a new "feature" provided within the last year or so. It may be found on the display preferences page. The feature I can only describe. It allows counting hidden replies or not in the total. You could try toggling that and see if it makes any difference.

The bug only manifests at page breaks. Say you have a topic with 21 replies and one is hidden, there will be a problem. 20 or 22 replies will be fine and remain so until 41 replies. Just saying so you don't maybe think you have fixed it and the "cure" was only another reply was made.

Hiding all a user's posts is a quick way to get them out of sight. This is fine for most boards. If you have ongoing multi-page topics, you will have this issue recurring. The main thing is you got the posts out of sight and can then take your time deleting, splitting or copying and deleting.

Author:  DirtyDancer [ 1/29/14 23:42:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: Last Post Not Showing.

Thanx so much Andrew, I think Iv'e cracked it. :)

Author:  andrew [ 1/30/14 00:01:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: Last Post Not Showing

Glad to hear you resolved it. Would you mind letting later readers know how you achieved this?

Author:  DirtyDancer [ 1/30/14 00:58:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: Last Post Not Showing.

I resolved the problem the hard way by going into all the threads which the hidden posts were in and deleting them.
Lucky for me the member was only there a little while before deleting herself and didn't post in many of the threads.
It took me a while but was well worth the result.
All back to normal now......thank you.

Author:  andrew [ 1/30/14 01:23:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: Last Post Not Showing

Well, at least the "hard" way didn't take long. I was curious if that setting would resolve this behaviour or not.

Author:  DirtyDancer [ 11/12/16 22:49:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: Last Post Not Showing

Just like to say thank you for keeping this thread for me to fall back on Andrew.
I've been having trouble for months in my group with the last post not showing, it's very frustrating as they are popular threads.
I did mention this problem to yuku but nothing was done.
In fact I really don't think yuku knew what I was talking about.
I remembered I asked you about this problem so I took it upon myself again to delete a certain members hidden posts.
It took me a few hours to put this problem right again but I did it by going back a long way on the posts and deleting hidden posts from a member who deleted herself from my group.
Thanx again.

Author:  andrew [ 11/17/16 16:21:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: Last Post Not Showing

This has been a known issue for a VERY long time. I don't hold much hopes for it being attended to anytime soon.

Author:  DirtyDancer [ 11/21/16 01:11:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Last Post Not Showing

Well if it happens again Andrew, I won't be too happy.
If it did happen again, I would delete all threads effected and start them again which is so unfair.
Fingers crossed it won't happen again.

Author:  andrew [ 11/21/16 18:32:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: Last Post Not Showing

In that case, I have a few suggestions...

  • Don't make huge topics. Ongoing topics can be locked at the end of the month and a new one started.
  • When it happens again (because it will), make a copy of the affected topic to a hidden forum. Offending posts may be easily found by viewing the offending account's "Recent Posts" or an "advanced search". (Use Ctrl+left-click to open these in new tabs)
  • Try not to use the "Hide" feature. Instead make a copy of the topic to a hidden forum for your records, etc. and delete the original post/s. In that way, a record is kept and you can note in the last post of the copy why it was put in "the vault".

Author:  DirtyDancer [ 11/28/16 23:37:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: Last Post Not Showing

Thank you. :)

Author:  andrew [ 11/28/16 23:57:53 ]
Post subject:  Re: Last Post Not Showing


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