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Sally wrote:yes i see Ads like those above.

it also is a pain in the neck to view the boards with all those Ads. it takes ages to download and at times the Ads cover what you want to see.

ABSOLUTELY right about it being a pain in the neck! Especially the downloading time! Sally, you are right about seeing them because I am not an ad-free supporter. But I have the fix for it, and I only disabled my fix to show Andrew what I was seeing. Andrew, you probably weren't seeing them because you pay to be ad-free? I'm guessing? Here is another screenshot for you, showing how these ads cover the header, chatbox.
I get that the cost to go ad-free is minimal. And when they placed these ads in places that did NOT cover things up, I had no issues with them. I understand their purpose. And I still say they are yuku ads. They never told me they were the ads of others when I approached them about this. Like I said before, they never gave me any further feedback about it all after I (stupidly) owned up to my way around them; and then blasted off one final message to them after they went so far as to come into one of my groups and demand (in that groups chatbox!) that I post, IN THE GROUP, personal email between us in regards to the ads! Why should I pay when I can use something to stop them? It's legal. It's free. It's easy. Page loading is a breeze. And I only need to use it for the one ad-free group. If all this messiness hadn't occurred, I wouldn't have opted for this add-on.
Andrew, about the types of ads being seen...well now there's a good Laugh Out Loud. I do not "Want to Make it With a Cowboy" or watch anyone who does. I go to tons of sites, so possibly they could come from there? Possibly if I searched for a "cowboy themed" scrap kit? But I don't recall that. clue. Could they come from other group member's searches?


And, WOW, did we ever get off-topic here! I saw a post in one group earlier this morning where the PB problem was solved? I haven't had time to check for myself yet, but will do so later. And, with fingers crossed and hopes high, all will once again be right with the little PB icon and the post editor.
Andrew, and all others who have weighed in on this and the "ad placement" issues, I thank you for all the feedback and empathizing. It would be oh so wonderful to get to the bottom of the ads placement problem. Perhaps I should address it again in another ticket to them. Hmmm, dare I try again?

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debborella, another ticket will not help at this stage. You are only guessing and making assumptions at where these adverts are coming from. Only hard fact will get you anywhere.

If I were to guess, I would say they are Kontera ads gone berserk. I Googled for the text in these ads and turned up an archived page with the text on it. Guess what? The original page currently has Kontera ads commented out.

I would bet that auntiem has Kontera blocked in her hosts file. I have Kontera blocked in my host file. Sally will not even know what one is.

So, if my *guess* is right, yuku does use Kontera and I see it in the source code for that page. If Kontera is misbehaving yes, yuku could remove it but also lose money.

Please listen to what I am saying. These ads are being served within your browser and not from source. They are being scripted to hook onto something. They appear to be hooking onto PhotoBucket images and yet they may not. Instead they may be hooking onto the link you are posting along with the image. Normally, a link is not posted with an image, yet most of you are doing so and linking back to PhotoBucket. These links gain PhotoBucket more reputation and gain you nothing.

For the record, I do not use an ad-blocker. I do have a browser with Adblock Plus installed for testing purposes but I do not use it other than for that purpose. I *do* block scumware. Kontera is classed as adware. Some class it as a virus. Some as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). The truth is that it is not well liked on many fronts.

It is only my speculation that it is Kontera that is causing the issue for you. It is fact that yuku uses it. It is highly unlikely yuku will stop its use. Where does that leave you? Yes, you found a way. You use an ad-blocker and infringe CrowdGather's TOU, for which you could ultimately be banned. Completely unwise to admit to that. Using Adblock, strictly speaking you should white-list yuku's pages, to comply with the TOU. If you do that, Kontera is allowed again because yuku is using it.

I will not get bogged down with the speculation and blame. Facts are what I deal with. The above is a hypothesis, which could either be proven or not. If I could see these for myself, I could gain the necessary facts. Armed with the facts, I can target yuku with *evidence* and NOT speculation. That cannot be avoided! BUT, will they do anything about it? Probably not. In the grand scale of things, people do not post images with links around them ... but by default PhotoBucket adds that link back to album - because it is in its own best interests to do so.

The user can disable this behavior. The user can remove the link from around the image element. The user can block scumware and yet not infringe TOU.

You seeing the common factors here?

Now, testing that hypothesis against your screenshot, part is wrong. You show an ad superimposed on the banner image. That image is not linked. You are showing an advert superimposed over the bottom of the shoutbox, which fits the shoutbox width, meaning it cannot be a misplaced ad from the footer of the shoutbox because that one is 728px wide.

What I will say is that I am going in a circle again. There is broken HTML in that Custom Header. The banner image uses an unclosed center tag. There is a stray closing div tag after the banner image. The shoutbox has an unnecessary and unclosed center tag.

Perhaps the hook is not a link, as I suspected but the fact it is hooked on a photobucket image still holds strong. The hook could well be these center tags (none of which should either be used or are necessary). This certainly will cause flaky behavior from browser to browser. If the HTML is broken, that could be the cause of ads spawning everywhere. Not saying it is, just that it could be.

So, write to yuku. Think it will help? Work through things yourselves and it will most likely get resolved. Up to you. I have put a lot of time and effort into trying to find the cause but: 1. I cannot reproduce the issue (likely my security) and 2. I cannot change anything on that board.

I am lacking in information too. At least I know now that these are being seen in Firefox 30 (Thanks Sally).

If I feel inclined, I may open that page on a machine I can sacrifice.

In the meantime, please check your programs to see if you have Kontera installed and if so, remove it. Please also clean your temp files. Neither will cure but both are good things to do.

To sum up, this is happening in your browser and not something yuku is sending you. The cause frankly worries me. Using adblock is only a mask and is against the TOU. (However, Adblock is actually helping your weak security.) The cause may be of PhotoBucket origin but it may also be from just about anywhere, including a script included by yuku.

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It seems yuku images and PB are working ok now but it kept logging me out today.

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DirtyDancer, yes, HOORAY, PB is working for me, too today. I don't have the problem of it logging me out, tho.
Andrew, whew. I feel like I've just been geek-slapped. I only understood about every other sentence. I am not all that computer saavy, so I will try to make as knowledgeable a reply as my limited comprehension allows.

1. Kontera ads: Don't see any installed Kontera in my programs. Temp files were recently cleaned. I'm sure Yuku is using Kontera. Which could possibly explain the variety of ads being seen? Since it's most likely in-text ads, could it just be because of keywords throughout the yuku community as a whole, or would it just be based on whatever matches what's relateable in each particular forum? I suppose that is neither here nor there in regards to the bottom line. Which is (to me) who is responsible for how the placement of ads are seen in forums. That, to me, is the ONLY thing I'm having issue with. The placement. NOT the ads themselves. Placement. And, well, also the quantity of them, too. If they are piggybacking in, who is ultimately responsible to correct the situation? Me??? Nope. Don't think so. I'll throw this out for your pondering...when I was in correspondence with Yuku about these ads placements and had sent them similar screen shots like those above, the reply was that he would "check with our ad person to see if this is normal. In the meantime, just click the x, it will make the ad go away."

2. Host file: Oh me, oh my! I couldn't even get mine to open.

3. Crowdgather's TOU (in regard to ad blockers): Went through this with Yuku already. I sited their Simplifed Terms and Conditions for Members.
Specifically... 4b) Ad Blockers: We would appreciate you not blocking our primary source of income.
I took that to imply a suggestion, rather than a definitive command. I relayed my response, as such, to Yuku and was not banned for anything. Conclusively, how could they ban me if two of the three groups I am a member in pay to be ad-free? How are they to know that I (or anyone else, for that matter) do not disable any such block when logging into an ad-laden forum? Said block may also be being used for the www and it's lot of baddies.

4. Work through things myself and it will most likely get resolved: I am not a tech. I do not know what to do, how to do it, or where to put it should I figure out the what and the how.

5. "These things are being seen in Firefox 30" : Huh? I was seeing these things before 30.

6. Your time and effort put in here: Sorry. I wasn't meaning to create such a kerfuffle. Truly.

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Deb, I do think you almost have it!

I did not know until now that you even used Firefox. These factors can be important in reproducing an issue.

I agree, I think this is like in-text ads, drawing from information on the page but I saw another "hidden acne" ad displayed on a page about Jeeps. Not great targetting! That yields no clues as to the source of the ads.

There are two parts to what is going on here. The first part is something that is on that page (in this case, it appears to be PhotoBucket images) and the second part is either a script or some form of malware. The second "hooks" onto something in first. Two parts are required and they are assembled in the browser. Finding either part and altering it will resolve the issue.

As an example, suppose an advert that is meant to be there is designed to attach to a certain pattern. The assumption is that the pattern only appears say once on a page. The HTML of the page gets broken or obsolete tags used, this pattern could manifest in places other than intended. Hence, the ad hooks onto multiple places rather than the single one intended.

Not saying that is what is happening, only what could be happening. The only way to prove this is to fix the HTML of that page. Things to look for would be whether these ads are seen on other boards and these boards have skins without broken HTML. If these exist, the hook is something else.

I would really like to see these for myself. If I can see them, I can tell you assuredly where they are coming from and hence how to deal with them.

OK, I just went and tried to use another machine but I still did not see ads. What I did find was a GumGum script on the page. This is likely the culprit!

Have a look at this:

Now, on that machine, I can see ads on the demo pages but still not on the yuku board. Could it be as simple as 3rd party cookies are blocked on that machine, let me try. Nope.

Let me absolutely confirm that yuku are including it in the page ... No, it is not being injected from anywhere else, yuku is definitely using GumGum ads.

Let me digress ...

The hosts file is just a text file, which you can open in any text editor as an Administrator. On Windows (later versions) you will not be able to save it though. You can however create a file with a different name, delete the original and rename the new file in. If you were to add:

as a line in your hosts file, clear your cache and cookies and it would never darken your door again.

The beauty of using the hosts file is that it protects your whole machine. It matters not what browser you use and it also will protect you from any malware trying to reach one of these domains (unless they do it directly by IP). Everything you need to know is here:

Reading their provided file ( ), I note Kontera is included as is GumGum. Yes, you could follow the steps on their page and rid yourself of this and NOT be contravening yuku's TOU (debateably).

Auntiem will have that hosts file, I am fairly sure. She also likely used SpyBot's Immunize feature (highly recommended for all). I know the browser I am testing with has been immunized using that. Let me try Chromium... Oddly, no ads there either! Chromium is blocking cookies from these sites though. Let me allow them and see ... Nope, I still do not see the ads!

I cannot figure yet why that machine is not seeing them! One other factor is location. Neither auntiem or I are in the USA. While I doubt that is the reason, it is all I can think of right now. I will clean up that machine now and see if I can find another I can use that might have no protection. This might be tomorrow though.

So, you now at least have some evidence. The ads are GumGum ads placed on the page by yuku. (I do not think particularly highly of yuku stopping to using GumGum and Kontera.) They have Google ads, and while these are bad enough, they should suffice. They also have their own advertizing platform (adisn), which has yet to make it out the starting gates after many years of development. It may never work out for them anyhow.

You also have two solutions and a possible third. There must be a fourth or more because there has to be a reason I cannot see them and these three are ruled out. Blocking 3rd party cookies is ruled out. Sending "do not track" headers is ruled out.

Now I am on the track of things and I would like to find an answer. I will.

BUT, back to the practicals, if yuku are going to do this, it is no longer a platform suited to "taggers", unless all these taggers and their visitors block the scumware. What do you do? Being honest and IMHO, yuku do not care about you. I can show you official documents where it is continuously said that CrowdGather are continuing to prune unmonetizeable (sp) content. You can likely search this board and find reference to it if you can find the right spelling or term, True, there is also the option to pay for "Gold" for the board at $72 a year (unless it has gone up again). Does paying also remove Kontera and GumGum? I would hope so.

I'd really like to find that missing factor. Reason: it might prove a more simple fix for people.

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Andrew, would looking at another board with the same problem help ?

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also let me say, that if these Ads are not on any of the boards where they have been paid for, then doesn't that show they are from Yuku?

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Not really but it does make it easier as I will remember the URL. I will look at it though...

The Spa has both GumGum and Kontera yet your main board (or what used to be at least) does not. This does suggest these are turned off with Gold.

Your last line could also be explained by coincidence.

I recall another machine I have that I could try with and I will test with that tomorrow. The trouble is that I nail these down tight as I build them and I practically do it on autopilot as I go! LOL

*looks at another machine* I *think* I might have yet another I can test with. I have to find something that I have not nailed down tight...


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what "main board"
do you mean the tsmb?
that has a gold membership at the moment. its Ad free.

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Yes, TSMB and yes, I know it is Gold.

Just a quick update: I had another brainwave and I have Firefox running from a live disk. What I see is not pretty (and it is pretty disgusting really) but I am not seeing these ads overlaying images. I have seen pop-ups. I have seen pop-unders. What I see is apparently inconsistent though.

I also notice the Custom Header at snaggersparadise has been changed (even more broken now) and I wonder if that change has had any affect on these ads overlaying images.

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"I also notice the Custom Header at snaggersparadise has been changed (even more broken now) and I wonder if that change has had any affect on these ads overlaying images. "
i know that you know what you are saying but to me, why would that board be any different than the spa having the overlaying of images? i've changed nothing.

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Are you telling me that you are still seeing adverts (today/now) overlaying the bottom of images on both boards? I am seeing this behavior on neither.

One has to be careful not to make assumptions. Something could have changed in the interim period.

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GumGum ads!!!! I checked them out. So, since you say that yuku is definitely using gumgum ads, and these are the very ads that are covering things up, isn't it the next logical step to say that yuku/crowdgather is responsible? Crowdgather DOES claim ownership of yuku, right? I agree that Crowdgather/Yuku does not care about those of us in graphics forums. I found this tidbit on ... CrowdGather has thousands of forum moderators and administrators pruning non-monetizeable and irrelevant content (kiss my TAG! I am relevant!)..." And on it went about fiscal blahblahblah. It is my hobby!!! Instead of the torture treatment ads plastered all over trying to force us into paying the piper, just drop us all at the nearest empty corner of the web and be done with us. But that wouldn't look good on paper would it? Where did everybody go? And me oh my less places to put ads. Uh oh there goes the fiscal bottom line again. I right clicked on an ad at the bottom of a page and I have a question. What does - -yuku driving revenue viglink - - mean? Isn't that indication that the ad(s) are from yuku? All ads being seen covering the tags whether posted from PB, or my yuku albums. Whether I use Firefox or Chrome. I know nothing about page HTML's. Does it mean that the person(s) creating the forum skins is messing up codes or using tags that no longer exist? But if a tag (or image) is looked for to be used in a skin and it was deleted from wherever they're stored, then they wouldn't be able to access it, right? As far as I know, the forum mgrs. where I am a member use the same people/place for skins basically. Like I said, I am not in that realm of design, so I am pretty clueless about that stuff.
Ok, now about the host file...if I'm not mistaking, what you're saying is that if I create a host file and add the names of the things that I don't want to see, then that will be my magic wand? Sounds like a lot of unnecessary clicking to me. And, hey, isn't that the purpose of ad blockers? Don't they just do that job for ya? Same, same in my book. Not trying to be obstinate.

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Sorry for the apparently random order of reply here...

I'm going to do a test and try to describe what happens here:

Page tested: ... od-Morning

I use a virgin machine with a virgin Firefox and a yuku page:
178 requests
5MB payload
36.28 seconds to page complete

I use a machine with a custom hosts file not unlike the one I linked above:
108 requests
4.7MB payload
12.62 seconds to page complete
22 requests aborted (blocked and zero downloaded)

However, the virgin machine is still downloading ad data continuously after the page was complete. The one with the blocks in the hosts file is just sitting there.

Quite a difference between the two!

Rather than go to the trouble of finding all these for yourself (I wouldn't), why not just use the hosts file from:

That will cover all common bases and help protect you everywhere. Just be warned though that a cache and cookie clear is necessary as well as a DNS flush, which you can easily do just by rebooting. That done, pages are 3 times as fast to load and you won't see those ads. You will still see the Google ones but more blocks can be added to remove these, if you so desired.

I hasten to add that I have a fast fiber connection and these pages still took that long to download (with empty cache).

I did say that my opinion is that CrowdGather are not interested in you. I should add to that. The interest is in the content. Without content, they cannot display adverts. The whole CRWG business plan hinges on displaying ads and making money from them. Forums are just a means of generating content and forcing ads on people. It's a barely touched area and with good reasons. So, if a group decides to leave, they should not leave their content for CRWG to continue to make money from. Abandoned forums are wonderful for making money from ads. No members to complain or service. Easy life!

I must say that what I saw was very off-putting for joining yuku. Any prospective new forum owners that do their homework will run if they see all these ads and the methods that are used to deliver them. I frankly am disgusted! I know ends need to be met but if things were not allowed to get so dire and the business model kept so rigid, we would not be here now. Grasping? Desperation? Who knows?

So, yes they do look very much like GumGum ads and yuku is using them. All I have not been able to do is prove 100% that the ads are GumGum. It sure looks like the best fit.

On the broken code: this could very well explain why they are so prolific. The intention may be to only display a set number on a page (say 1-3). If the script goes berserk while trying to read broken HTML, that could well explain why there are so many.

Unfortunately, the creator of these skins is using the same method for them all and basically, they are all broken. It's not like anything complicated is being attempted either. It is just a complete lack of understanding how to write HTML and what actually is good HTML, post 1999. I could rewrite these headers in minutes too. They are just a mess! Actually, I will do that ...

New Custom Header
<div class="my-header">
 <img src="" width="500" height="650" alt="Welcome to Snags Tags and Friends">
 <chatbox limit="20" refresh="0" width="500px" height="250px">

Additional Advanced CSS
.myheader {
 padding-top: 15px;
 text-align: center;

.chatbox-holder { margin: 15px auto; }

DrivingRevenue is what VigLink was called previously. In brief, it scans all links on a page and attempts to substitute them with affiliate links. For example, if one of your members happens to post a link to an eBay item, the VigLink script manipulates that link so it becomes an affiliate (or referral) link. If someone clicks that link, VigLink get a commission from eBay and in turn yuku get a commission from VigLink.

Where this goes terribly wrong is if people deliberately use affiliate links (to help fund their site), the VigLink script actually steals that commission that the person should rightfully get and turns it over to yuku. I have seen large forums seriously affected by this as well as small ones. My suggestion to all is to "wrap" the referral link in a tinyurl. The link will then give them their compensation again.

AdBlockers do not block everything. Firstly, they only work within the browser they are added to. Secondly, there is some content they cannot block (so they hide it instead). Thirdly, AdBlockers do not secure your whole machine from various forms of malware, either getting in or trying to "phone" out. Fourthly, AdBlockers are only as good as their list and how they are set. Fifthly, AdBlockers use resources, which may slow down your machine. I'm sure I could go on... LOL Just seems pointless when a tiny bit of text will do the job and without impact. Also seems pointless securing just a browser, when the whole machine can be made secure.

One thing you may be unaware of is you may inadvertanly download something with Firefox and whatever was downloaded targets your Internet Explorer installation. It can sit there dormant until you accidentally open IE and then the next step begins. Equally, something could be downloaded anywhere on your machine and set to run on boot. The purpose of these is generally to steal your personal info. Contacts list, usernames, passwords, etc.

I hear you ... you are saying you have XYZ anti-virus and do this, do that, the whole lot! I just turn around and say that no single antivirus or antimalware is 100% effective. Go look at the success rate for whatever you use. If it is good, it will be higher than 90%. Let's take a stab at 94%. That is 6 pages out of every hundred where there is a risk of something slipping past it.

This is why other lines of defence are necessary. If bad sites are known, they can be blocked and that is what the hosts file is for (among other things). It exists on every operating system too.

So, your AV looks for signature patterns and your hosts file vets every single thing in and out of your machine, unless it is accessing an IP address directly. (This is rare because the malevolent necessarily have to move.)

It's just additional security along with benefits of blocking scum trackers and advertisers. Yeah, it will let the good guys though unless you choose to block them too.

So, laterally thinking ... You could block the scum ads because that is a legitimate security measure. You can say you see ads because you will see the Google ads (the ones that yuku actually admit to). You can also with all honestly say you do not use an ad-blocker.

Up to you what you do. I might do both! LOL

So, you more or less know the hows and whys. You can legitimately challenge yuku about prolific GumGum ads BUT the first thing they may say is: "Have you changed your skin to one from the Library to make sure the cause is not your skin?" You have to say no, unless you have, in which case you should include that. BUT, what will they ultimately do? I'd love to think they would listen, be horrified and act to resolve the issue but the bottom line is money. It has to be, otherwise why load a page with all that?

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andrew wrote:Are you telling me that you are still seeing adverts (today/now) overlaying the bottom of images on both boards? I am seeing this behavior on neither.

One has to be careful not to make assumptions. Something could have changed in the interim period.

YES, i see the adverts overlaying the bottom of images on both boards. this morning and now. i am not making an assumption.

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Good job with the testing! The page load time difference is WOW! And I get what you're saying with the host file...about the overall protection, etc. But please, please, PLEASE understand that I am just a semi-idiot web nomad, who stops in at a few little groups, makes a few posts, and is off wandering again. In all honesty, I am happy with my current fix, it works for me and what I do. I've had my little laptop for many years, and it's survived my web wanderings and clickings and hasn't given me any more problems than I can (eventually) figure out how to correct. Well, all these freaking ads notwithstanding.
In regards to your "Header" HTML rewrite...I know the lady who does the skins. She also does the skins for other places as well. Snaggers Paradise being one of them. At least she did...haven't seen her in a while. Snags Tags and Friends was basically abandoned by the person who was manager after the owner passed away. She just stopped giving a darn. Used to be a wonderful, active group. Now we are basically a ghost town. One lady (a tagger also) has been out due to back surgery. Our only male (such a gentleman and also made tags) is gravely ill and soon will leave us permanently. The lady who does the skins comes in once in a blue moon and changes our "look", but she was/is restricted in doing anything further (ohhh the drama from the previous mgr.!). So it is actually just me and someone who pops in sometimes and a handful of requesters. I offer a tag a week (usually) to the few requesters. It's the first group I ever joined and cut my tag-making chops there, so that's why I stick with it.
And, good GRIEF, sorry for that ramble. :\ Wandering thought process.
I get what you're saying about "inadvertantly downloading something" and about how anti-virus and anti-malware is 100%. NOTHING is 100% safe. Look at how all those IRS emails just disappeared! ~POOF~ :rolleyes
I, on the other hand, am pretty cautious in regards to personal info. As far as usernames, passwords, etc. go, that's of little consequence to me. They'll only lead to mainly tag-making material. Hacked email contact's an online gamble we all chose to make, right?
I agree with your bottom That's their business. I have seen a couple of blogspots who's owner abandoned ship and are now testimonials to the greed.
Lastly, for all your protestations of adblocking, I found a post of yours (YEP YEP!) of just a mere 7 mos. ago where you actually gave a link to someone for AdBlock Plus. And another post of yours 6 mos. ago telling someone "there is no reason you cannot install and use AdBlock Plus though". But in fairness, in that post, you did speak of Crowdgather TOU. I only mention these to you because I'm not wanting to feel like a common criminal here. If CrowdGather has SUCH issues with people who, in all legality, use adblockers, then they should take their fight up with the add-on creator(s). Like I have said from the very beginning, I DO NOT have an issue with ads as such. But when they place them over images, chatboxes, etc. THEN I have a viable complaint. Ads, are not to infringe upon third-party (me) intellectual property rights (my tags...more importantly; the copyrights I am required to use on them). Just because I found out a way that works for me, doesn't make me the bad guy for using it (please refer back to where I said I had NO issue with ads and read that sentence that follows again. It seems to bear repeating). It is my optional add-on. It is my legal right to use it.
Sorry, I've gone into rant mode, but I am writing this on little sleep and an empty stomach. But I don't know how many more times I can say it, or how many more WAYS I can say it.
It is what it is, and you are right, they are not horrifed and are not acting to resolve the issue. And it's because I don't post dollar signs.
I'm going to go eat now.

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I stand by both what I said then and what I am saying now. The difference is that Kontera was used only for a small subset of viewers, e.g. people in China, and now it is being used for all. The other difference is that GumGum was not used then at all.

I hear what you are saying and it is entirely up to you what you do. I'll just add one more thing: An AdBlocker does not block trackers. While these may be used asynchronously and not slow down initial rendering, they still use connections and bandwidth, not to mention that your moves are being monitored and could end up in almost anyone's hands at the end of the day.

It is also easier to trust plain and understandable text, versus a 3rd party addon. I'd say the 3rd party was able to be trusted but one thing that happened along the way with AdBlock Plus was that non-intrusive advertising was allowed by default. This went against the guy's original principle and beliefs. One can only guess at the reasoning for the turnaround and this obviously opens the door to something similar happening again.

Anyhow, as I have said, it is entirely up to you what you do. You are now in full possession of the facts and quite able to decide for yourself.

I believe the original issue of posting PhotoBucket images, using the WYSIWYG post editor, should now be resolved.

I didn't post the HTML and CSS there for you but obviously you can link whoever to it.

If the board is without an Owner, a ticket should be submitted by someone willing to take over the board. While you are not stuck at the moment, it does sound like you could be in a sticky position any time soon. The process can take up to a month, while verifications are made but this can be shortened if you can show some evidence that the Owner died and support for the replacement Owner. Once a new Owner gets appointed, they can sort the permissions.

You (or whoever) may also wish to consider asking at the same time, if a certain Administrator (e.g. the replacement Owner and include a link to their profile) could have their permissions elevated, so that certain tasks can be done.

Sleep, food, etc? Join the club! LOL

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The lady who does the skins in this particular abandonded group had tried to step in (as she already had some admin. abilities) and fix us up nicely. When the mgr. who tookover from the deceased person found out, it wasn't pretty. Control much?! :rolleyes The lady was/is only allowed to change skins and do very little else. There is an asst. mgr. {insert laugh here} who comes in once a month to change out the monthly posts (GM/GN Check In, etc.) and does nothing else. Which says nothing really, because when we were a normally functioning group, she did nothing else either. Needless to say there were ensuing posts (mostly by me...suprised? :P ) complaining about our abandonment. Bottom line, the former mgr. will NOT let anyone take full control. Sad, since the former owner was such a gem of a lady. So cue the tumbleweeds and listen for the echo effect.
Yes, I am in possession of facts, as you say, and my decision has been made. I don't do any risky business online to warrant the effort of monitoring my moves. I'm nobody. Snooze.
So, anyway, I guess that about bottom lines the whole "ad thing", huh. It's been talked into the ground I think. I'll get the shovel and give it a decent burial now. Thank you for all your efforts and your words of widsom (half of which I understood :lol ).
And YESSSS, the PB icon on the wysiwyg is working once again. Chatboxes were full of hoorays with many exclamation points.

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LOL I like your sense of humor. I wasn't sure if I was picking it up correctly in the first instance.

You guys could always get together and start your own board, Tumbleweed could probably use a manager. Perhaps it may be an idea just to move over to another existing board? PSP forums are pretty much dieing a death, so combining efforts could work out well.

You are most welcome, debborella. I learned a few things myself about what they are up to. I don't think they are doing themselves any favors. I know a board owner that left yuku and set up somewhere else, solely because the Kontera ads slipped through accidentally. Now they are there the whole time for all, when the board is not Gold.

Loading pages with ads is counterproductive.

From Google:
While our policies allow you to place 3 ad units, 3 link units and 2 search boxes on each page of your site, placing the maximum number of ads on your page may make it look cluttered. If users can't find what they're looking for on your site, they may turn elsewhere for information.

I doubt ProBoards is as bad and it starts to make something like RunBoard quite attractive!

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Some people don't always appreciate my humor. It's a mulit-functioning thing...shield and/or weapon. And I tend to have an inability to shut up or leave things alone (you noticed?!) Like, for instance, the "move to another existing board" suggestion...I tried that. It was nearly armageddon. Or a youtubed version of a Joan of Arc. Altho I had supporters, no one armied up with me, so it was just me, my word-covered banner, and eventually a (yes, going there) trial by fire. I left for a while, came back, and now feel like I should just mosey on off into the movie, now...think Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns. I still have the two groups that I am most active in. There are a couple of others that are visit, but don't post in. You're right, we are dying. Scary thing for us siggie piggies. And I am such a no-hopes-for-her online hoarder of all things scrappy, if the psp world goes away, I'll need tranquilizing. I've got an Aimoo acct. I don't visit it. Ya get yourself in too many groups and it becomes work, not fun. And also, who will cook dinner or vacuum?
About that Google post...I do believe I read that one! Found in my frenzied search about online ads. lol
So, anyway, thanks again, and maybe one day I will have a need for an answer/solution to a problem and pop back in to harrass you. :D Or to say Merry Christmas, or something. lol

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