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Photobucket and Yuku
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Author:  andrew [ 7/29/14 15:34:00 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

I couldn't actually see this group because ... yuku is hanging on static.yuku.com. I guess there are issues. Give Aus a shout: http://psp4everyone.yuku.com/ It looks semi-active and you should not find any messing around there. Many have closed and there will still be a few private groups hanging in there but if you forgive me for using the expression, they may just be like hamsters on a wheel, doing the same old routine every day.

Gran does PSP but she would that section down. You may find the board of interest and she could likely be persuaded to revive the PSP section, if there was interest. http://shugagransshack.yuku.com

I hear you on all of the above. My humor gets me in trouble at times. Not everyone sees it or gets it and it may even be quite inappropriate! LOL

By all means drop by once in a while, whether you have a problem needing resolved or not. I don't do community messages or harass people into attending or posting. Never have and never will. People just turn up if and when they feel like. I'm usually here 365 days, so that includes Christmas. I might even post! LOL

Author:  debborella [ 7/29/14 19:23:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

I think I have wandered in to both of those groups at some point in time. I peeked back in at Grans. Looks a lot cleaner than when I was in there before. And more empty. I don't think I need newer pastures, anyway. My mojo keeps slipping and I have a tagathon I should participate in next weekend. And I only have two little taggies for offer. Some ladies go so far as to offer 15 to 20! Who's got that kind of time?! I spend too much time on one tag for that. Simplify is not in my tagging wheelhouse. But thanks, anyway, for the change of scenery options. A lot of groups, tho, post a LOT of PTU artists (which I don't do... 1) I am CHEAP! 1a) I am cheap because if I started paying for tubes, I would be in the poorhouse before my first PTU tag downloaded for offer! I am a tube/kit hoarder! I have tens of thousands of png'd tubes and scrap crap! 2) And a lot of PTU-tube tags start to look cookie-cutter-ish. Nicely done, but still...same same. I could go on and on about different tagging styles (and most of the taggers are waaay better than me), but that would get boring. When I was a little brat, my mom didn't much approve of my different "artistic" views.
Little Debbie and her paint-by-numbers:
Mom: Debbie, #3 is GREEN, not orange.
Stubborn brat (that would be me): I like orange.
Mom: What color is that grass outside? GREEN.
Stubborn brat: {looks outside window, sees grass is, indeed, GREEN}
Stubborn brat: {picks up her paint-by-numbers and heads outside, to color her world. Orange}
I'm not nearlly as radical now, but I do enjoy colorizing still. Most people will tell me I'm STILL using the wrong color for #3.

Maybe I just need a new hobby?

Author:  andrew [ 7/29/14 19:48:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

I'd like to see some of your work.

It could be thought of as the difference between a photographer and an artist. A replication is more or less the same as a photograph. Just about everyone has a camera and can take a shot. True, there is an artists eye for composition of either.

Author:  debborella [ 7/30/14 18:15:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

Are you a glutton for punishment? LOL Never ask a tagger to "see some of their work". :eek Because we'll be more than happy to show ya. I'll be kind and spare you, tho, since you've been so kind as to tolerant all my rantings. Actually, the posted tags on the first page of this topic are mine. The first one is an old tag, the second one (with the key and heart, etc.) is more recent and shows my penchant for the hue, saturation, and lightness part of my image editor as well as layer duplication. I recolored the little lantern, heart, and part of the key to match the rest of the tag. In groups, the owner will put up psp challenges and I usually go off the beaten editing path...even if only in small ways. They offer up tutorial challenges also, but for the life of me, I just can't do 'em. Hmmm, change that word can't to won't. Same with using templates. A lot of taggers use them (and tuts). For me, it's the can't/won't thing again. I do look at them for inspiration (ain't happening this week, tho :rolleyes ), but I like doing my own thing. I'll give you a for-instance...sorry the temptation to show-n-tell is too strong! The tag below is a font challenge tag. Said font is the swirly/curly one. It was such a pretty font, I decided to make it the highlight of the tag. And instead of using a traditional frame for the little fairy girl image, I enlarged the letter O of the font and made it a frame. It's not what most taggers would call a "normal tag". Or standard might be a better word. Anyway, enough said about my tagging style. Some of it IS "normal". :D

Font Challenge Tag:

Author:  andrew [ 7/30/14 18:35:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

I was hoping for the radical! :lol

Believe it or not, I have actually admined a number of "tagging" groups, so I am quite familiar with how they tend to work. Took me a while before I realized what WWO stood for! :lol

It's nice Debbie and I appreciate that it took a lot of time and effort to construct.

Author:  debborella [ 7/31/14 11:37:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

Radical? How so? Picasso-esque? Hootchie mama? lol I told you, I am just a snooze. You were involved in tagging groups? Can't picture that for some reason. But, it's early posting for me this morning, so I can't really picture much of anything yet. Coffee's not working; get the jumper cables!

Author:  andrew [ 7/31/14 11:59:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

Well, orange grass would have been a start. :)

There is a huge difference between being an administrator and being involved. Admins just look after the technical aspects and do not have to read, post or moderate but some do.

The jumper cables would have been on their way ... if I could have found them! :lol

Author:  debborella [ 8/01/14 15:53:27 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

Admin. duties...ok, gotcha. I just thought owner/manager/administrator were synonymous. So, hey, look at me learning somethin' new!
Sorry to disappoint with orange grass. I have reigned in the rebellion somewhat and now my grass is as green as the next guys. I have refined my colorization so as to not end up looking like I'm in need of psychological testing. The closest I can come to any sort of "off-color" (HA! Get that? :P ) tag is this tag below. It was made from a kit challenge. I didn't like the kit elements, so I just messed with the papers, colored the spring maiden blue, stuck the ugly kit frame over top and blended her in with the paper.


So, never mind about those jumper cables. I found a workable source yesterday at the store. Chocolate frosted donuts! And now I will go have a couple, because I need them desperately. Oh, quick couple of questions...
I'm having trouble in my groups (not every day, randomly) with posting issues. The pages don't load fully, sometimes they load wonky (yessss, I know, NOT a technical term), sometimes I click one page and get taken back to the 1st page of the board after I post. Yuku doing something weird or is it just my laptop? And another thing (maybe you can help me, even tho it's not board-related), my check engine light keeps coming on. Yep, I know, not another "real" term. It's what I, in all VAST computer knowledge, refer to my little connection icon down at the bottom (my little computers with the round thingie that I'm assuming represents the "world"). It keeps giving a red X, or that exclamation point warning symbol. Any clues? Is my laptop dying?

Author:  andrew [ 8/01/14 20:20:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

#1 is probably a result of you using AdBlock Plus.

#2 Not sure what you are referring to. If you hover it, it should tell you. Network connection maybe?

They could be related. Identify what that icon is telling you first. Try: hover, right-click and left-click to figure out what it is and what it is trying to tell you.

Author:  debborella [ 8/02/14 12:46:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

Oh! My! Gosh! Would you get off the AdBlock thing? lol I've had the page loading problems in the past...long before adding any sort of add-on. The groups affected are paid ad-free groups so I don't need a block in them! So, ok, never mind about that.
Network connection...yes that's it. And when I right-click and do the this/that/the other, it takes me on a merry chase to things that will not cooperate with the this/that/other because of things being out of date, or whatever. So, never mind about that either. I'll fumble along with things till they all die and then get a new laptop to slowly kill.

Author:  andrew [ 8/02/14 15:14:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

Sorry, I can only work with what I have and that is very little.

I am trying to interpret what you are saying as:
You have out of date network drivers, as well as possibly an out of date Operating System. Have automatic updates broken?

You may have hardware issues, either router or wireless card.

You may have someone close on an adjacent channel or even hooked into your network and leeching your bandwidth.

You may have electrical interference present, disrupting the signal.

You still have the option to connect with a patch cable, rather than use wireless.

None of the above require a new laptop.

Eliminate one by one. Simple stuff like moving your laptop to beside your router may help point you in the right direction. If you move closer and the issue reduces, it is a signal related issue and you need not touch drivers. Diagnosing hardware failure is by elimination. If it is not the rest, it is hardware. Test by substitution or connecting to someone else's network to determine whether router or wireless card.

Author:  Johanna13 [ 8/28/14 16:21:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

Hello Andrew...
As of today I still can not get PB ... I have sent in tickets and nothing has changed, If I want to post a photo I now have to use the Yuku images... Its been a few months now with out access to PB and I'm beginning to believe it wont return .

Author:  Sally [ 8/29/14 10:50:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

Johanna, i tried the PB and it is working for me. i had to click on the "insert image from photobucket" again and wait for a few seconds as it loaded but there it was.
see if it works for you by clicking it again.
good luck :)

Author:  Gran [ 8/29/14 20:49:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

does work for me at all... :(

Author:  Johanna13 [ 8/30/14 04:38:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

Well I took the advise of a dear friend and cleaned my Cache.. and by golly it worked !!
Now I'm not to excited because when I went to use it again it took forever to load...
So far I have used it three times once worked great... second time took for ever to load... third time I gave up and used the damn yuku images ~
I'll keep clicking "insert image from photo bucket" and hopefully it will get use to me again and start to load... lol

Author:  Gran [ 8/30/14 21:00:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

I got PB working for me too!! YAY!! Andrew you are the best. I gave up on it and happy yo heave it back again!

Author:  andrew [ 8/31/14 01:12:05 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

How the heck did you know I was that "dear friend"? :rollin

Author:  Johanna13 [ 8/31/14 01:13:36 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

I'll always know that !!! :rollin

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