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Photobucket and Yuku
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Author:  Gran [ 2/05/14 17:39:17 ]
Post subject:  Photobucket and Yuku

Photobucket and Yuku not working every time using the 'snowball' tool in text editor.
Often tells me I have no PB account
I then need to open 2 windows to access the images I have stored there
Is it Yuku or Photobucket?
Do I need to request a ticket?

Author:  andrew [ 2/05/14 19:10:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

Gran, I am torn between logic and instinct on this one!

I have heard 2 similar reports on completely separate systems that both use the PhotoBucket API, where users have not been able to access their PhotoBucket accounts from the board. These reports were between one and two weeks ago.

There is talk that PhotoBucket will either be changing or removing their API and people are being advised to visit their PhotoBucket account directly, for an appropriate link/code.

The way I see it is PhotoBucket have to make money and all these changes relate to this. There are no ads in an "insertion tool" but there are on a PhotoBucket page.

If you are keen, you could try with a single account profile and see if the issue persists. If not, the likelihood is that it is a yuku issue relating to multiple profiles on the same account. This, I would say, you should submit a ticket on.

Then there is plan C: do nothing. Just post images from your account and wait until someone fixes something.

Author:  Gran [ 2/06/14 02:31:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

I will go with plan C
I don't mind going directly to PB page.

Author:  andrew [ 2/06/14 03:14:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

Possibly the least stressful option and you get on in the meantime. It's not really that bad just to keep a PhotoBucket tab open to use as you wish.

Oh and I thought the "snowball" was a camera! :lol

Author:  debborella [ 7/19/14 18:50:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

andrew wrote:Possibly the least stressful option and you get on in the meantime. It's not really that bad just to keep a PhotoBucket tab open to use as you wish. Oh and I thought the "snowball" was a camera! :lol

I have a reply to this. When you are in a group that makes tags and posts them in large amounts per tag, it IS "that bad" to keep a PB tab open to use. And when I post multiple tags at a time, I post them in thumbnail size for easier viewing and faster page-load time. So, while it may not seem "stressful" to post one or two image posts in groups that I am in, sometimes I need to post a lot more (i.e. tagathons). According to a reply from PB, it's on Yuku's end, with the API code and that they need to update that code to resolve the issue. Yuku told me it was a bug? But if PB says it's just needing an "update" then what the heck? Yuku's response to my ticket was the technicians are working on the issue, it is just a complicated one. Last reply to me from Yuku, dated July 16, was "Still working. :)" So is it just an update thing? A bug thing? Both?? I can still use my Yuku albums, but quite honestly I don't think there's not enough storage space for when I do tagathons.
Disgruntled and wanting a reasonable timeline as to when this fix will occur.

Author:  andrew [ 7/19/14 19:16:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

It's all true. It may seem incongruous but nobody is lying to you. PhotoBucket changed the API and yuku have not got around to finding a fix for it. I suspect it is extremely low priority to them because essentially messageboards are about text. Without text, a site cannot be found. Without text, advertising cannot be targeted. If the service is essentially supported by adverts, a messageboard that primarily posts images does not cover its costs. Not trying to be nasty or anything, just trying to show at least one reason why an all-out attempt to fix a broken feature is not happening.

Again, no disrespect; I do hear what you are saying but please consider that you are not being prevented from posting PhotoBucket hosted images, you are merely missing a convenient feature. If I were in your position, I would be using two windows and not tabs. I would have windows arranged side by side, so I can see both.

Perhaps you are unaware that PhotoBucket do provide linked thumbnails for images but this option may not be visible to you? You can access this from your settings. support.photobucket.com...Linking-and-Embedding-Images Click in the "IMG Thumb" and Ctrl+V into your post. You will not see the result until you preview.

Perhaps you think this is an official help board? It is not. I am only trying to assist you as best as I can with a workaround to the current situation.

What you may be unaware of is that when yuku included the CKeditor (their yuku 2.0 bbcode and later yuku 2.0 HTML for supporters only), there was not an option for inserting images from PhotoBucket. It was declared non-essential and one of the developers suggested increasing the amount of yuku (read Amazon AWS) image storage, so people did not have to be concerned about using PhotoBucket. We are over a year on and neither has been changed.

So, please do not take my post negatively. Just trying to make the best from a bad situation. Bet you managed just fine on MSN Groups without PhotoBucket integration. Members may chime in with their own tips. Some are "taggers". Most use PhotoBucket. Their methods tend to differ. so the way I suggested above is not the only one. It just happens that in my opinion it is the fastest way for you to post multiple PhotoBucket hosted images at this moment in time. Get yourself set up right and it won't be so bad.

Author:  DirtyDancer [ 7/21/14 12:20:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

PB isn't working for me either in yuku groups, nor are the yuku images for some reason.

Author:  debborella [ 7/21/14 12:56:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

First of all, not sure what you mean by not being an "official help board"? By that do you mean qualified? Sanctioned? Strictly for admin? Nonetheless, I was merely roaming the web for any sort of dialogue concerning this issue and came upon this site that had reference to the issue. I clicked, I read, I commented. I was seeking a definitive answer/reply. I agree nobody is lying to me. But it IS a marathon of dancing around the issue. But you did say the magic word...adverts...which is what I believed, from the beginning, to be the root of it all. And I honestly DO understand about advertising. I had not one complaint to Yuku when they were posting their ads in areas of the forums that didn't overlay text and graphics images. BUT, when they started to cover parts of EVERY tag image and the copyright credits we are supposed to add to each tag, THEN I had a complaint. A valid complaint. Ads, as I understand it, are NOT supposed to be intrusive in that respect. I am basically in 3 psp groups. Two pay to be ad-free. One does not. I sent a ticket to Yuku about it. Nothing was done. NOTHING! I found a way to "fix" it myself. And, lo and behold, we have this new issue all of a sudden. "Broken feature"? Hmmm. "Extremely low priority"? Double-hmmm. "Merely missing a convenient feature?" Atta boy! Good attempt to placate! Not trying to be "nasty or anything" and "no disrespect" to you. At least YOU have given me more dialogue than that one who responded to my ticket. And with a lot less dancing.
As for posting tabs vs windows, I should have stated that I do open separate windows (I may not be super-geek, but I can manage some things). And I WAS unaware that I could tick a box for thumbnails in PB (please refer to the above-stated reference about NOT being a super-geek). So I do appreciate that bit of info. The comment about "managing just fine on MSN Groups without PhotoBucket" does not apply to me. I was not doing PSP in MSN groups. When I started doing PSP, MSN groups were gone.
I do not "take your post negatively". I appreciate the feeback and almost-full disclosure. As for "trying to make the best from a bad situation"...I got a mental image of someone trying to put lipstick on a pig. No matter what you try, you just can't pretty it up.
For reference, I am (hopefully) adding an image of an old tag of mine showing where Yuku's beloved ads get displayed. Maybe you can see MY side of it all? At any rate, thank you for you communication.

Author:  debborella [ 7/21/14 13:00:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

DirtyDancer wrote:PB isn't working for me either in yuku groups, nor are the yuku images for some reason.

DirtyDancer, I found that if you click the Yuku icon FIRST, it will open those albums. But, if you click the PB icon and THEN try to click the Yuku one, it won't open. Odd.

Author:  andrew [ 7/21/14 21:01:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

OK! We have one minor step forward. :)

I think I also detect an air of humor. :D

The advert overlying a post is ridiculous and unnecessary. This is a well-known side-effect of Flash. Two things here: Can you link me to that post and I will see if I can figure a solution for you? Secondly, (don't edit that post) can you try and reproduce that, only put something after the image? Even just a period. You may find that is a workaround.

To clarify, this is my board and I have nothing to do with yuku. That's all I am saying. If you thought that posting here would make anything happen directly, it won't. Indirectly it may, as it may act as an incentive to those that can, actually doing something.

Connecting a couple of things up:
1j.) Video links/embeds: Describe anything you link to in a post. Don’t just post it.
Simplified Terms and Conditions of Membership for Crowdgather.com Message Board(s)

I know that refers to videos specifically but IMHO, the purpose of that line is to encourage text within a post. Connect that with my suggestion that you add text after your image. In no way am I saying it is deliberate but the issue may only arise if a PhotoBucket image is the last thing in a post. Incentive to fix? Next to none, I would guess.

DD, you use IE. You will may find this flaky behavior is related to IE and you may have to toggle "Compatibility View" to get some things to work. debborella suggests that there is a possible issue with a script locking-up.

Seriously, if someone told me that PhotoBucket Integration did not work here, I would simply remove it. I would likely replace it with an alternative though. If I were yuku, I woud remove that button until it is fixed. I doubt it would take 5 mins. Heck, why not leave the button and make it just inform people of the current status? Would that not be too proactive? No, instead let Customer Service field irate tickets; they have nothing better to do with their time.

So, I will do my best to try and help you work around the issues, debborella but I cannot fix them for you. By all means have a rant though!

Author:  debborella [ 7/22/14 13:49:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

...To clarify, this is my board and I have nothing to do with yuku. That's all I am saying. If you thought that posting here would make anything happen directly, it won't. Indirectly it may, as it may act as an incentive to those that can, actually doing something.

Concerning the statement above...yes, no need to clarify. I understand completely that this is just your board and that you are not one of the official Yuku crew. And, nope, I never for one second thought that by posting here it would making anything happen directly. I refer you to My post stating...
"I was merely roaming the web for any sort of dialogue concerning this issue and came upon this site that had reference to the issue. I clicked, I read, I commented. I was seeking a (here's the operative word) definitive {"providing a solution or final answer; satisfying all criteria"} answer/reply."
I shall not be linking you to the post. IMHO, since {quoting again} you have nothing to do with Yuku, I don't see any point to it. Altho, I honestly do appreciate the offer of your trying to do so. I did do another image post in that particular thread and added a period after it. Nope, didn't help. I will add the post at the end of my (yep, call it as you see it) "rant". I'm having a Norma Rae moment.
In regards to the Crowdgather info...sorry, but how much MORE describing needs to be put with an image post that, for instance, says GOOD MORNING GROUP and is posted in a Good Morning thread? I'd say those of us in the graphics world understand the meaning of the post and need no further TEXT description.
My shoulders are beginning to bunch.
As for removing PB since it is in a derelict state, well if there was another alternative with as much storage, that was accessible in the same manner as just merely clicking on a little icon in the post editor (again, Yuku doesn't have enough storage for me), then I would be downloading that asap. And I (and a whole slew of others) would once again be happy little posters. But, why oh why should the posters be responsible for the solutions? We just log into these forums as a hobby. It's NOT our job to find alternative solutions. I DO agree with you that Yuku should do something in regards to that button. I like the idea of them giving us a status update. Now THERE is a very good answer to the situation! Thank you very much! Maybe somebody could send them that word {proactive} along with the link to Merriam Webster. And as for CS receiving irate tickets, I'm sure they have many. But mine was not one of them. In all my dialogue with them, I was polite and, dare I say, understanding (tried my best to be), and mostly patient. Now the patience has worn. I am now going to end my verbosity; wearing as I know it can get sometimes. Below is my post I did this morning with the period inserted. Thanks again for your efforts to appease me and your offers for solutions.


Author:  andrew [ 7/22/14 14:26:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

Sorry, without seeing it, I really cannot help. An image tells me nothing, other than how something appears at your end. We do not even know that is a yuku advert. It may come from PhotoBucket, malware, an inadvertently installed browser extension, hijacked DNS, etc, etc.

You are the member here and I am trying to help you. If that means helping others, great. I'm not set to do yuku's job for them but I could possibly provide you with a small snippet of code to add to a skin to prevent the overlap. That would benefit you, that would benefit all members of that board. That may even help get the issue resolved basically by handing yuku the cure on a plate.

So, there is every point to it, otherwise I would not have asked.

Here is a single example, of a topic with adverts and images. You will see, there are 71 Errors & 8 warnings. Some of these are related to broken HTML. The resultant of that could easily explain the behavior you are seeing.

The skin's custom header is broken. Unclosed center (should not be used) and div tags, as well as improper nesting of tags.

Yuku's ad block is 300x250px and that is not the dimensions in your screenshot. These ads may have another source.

Someone has an apparently empty custom-title and yet it contains an empty paragraph. That causes double-trouble for some browsers, as a paragraph should not be empty or contained within another paragraph. This throws the browser in to a mode where it tries to correct an error as best as it thinks but it does not always work out.

Certainly, there is insufficient to suggest this issue is yuku's fault.

Author:  debborella [ 7/22/14 18:57:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

Ok. I understand that you need to see the big picture. I am only a member in these groups. Well, in one I am a moderator, but I do not have anything to do with the setup of pages, skins, codes. The placement of these ads happened several months ago, and sent a ticket to yuku as I stated before. Also, as I stated before, I found my own "fix" for the ad problem. And with dumb openness the likes of which our Congress will never know, I told Yuku what my "fix" was. That did not go over well. They did not deny that they were their ads (so if they were placed by someone else, I'm assuming they would be quick to point that out), and there was never ANY solution on their part about arranging the ads back to the old, unobstructive placements. So, bottom line, in your opinion, is this all mostly about ads? Revenue? Is it skins behaving badly? The mgr. of one group I am in says she is not having the problems some of us are having. But that is one of the groups that pays to be ad-free. But, if it's ad-free there, why would I still have the problem? And why are some having this problem and not others? I did several posts in the one group with just text and no ads appeared. Here, as you requested is the link to that page. Take a good look at all the ads appearing from top to bottom. The ads cover the header, bottom of chatbox, bottom of page, and pretty much each and every post in between.

http://snagstagsandfriends.yuku.com/top ... 865y7E9dwE

Thanks sincerely for all your time and effort you are putting into this. I am going to go ramble on to Yuku once again and see if I can get any further answers from them.

Author:  andrew [ 7/22/14 20:26:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

Hang fire on that for now, deb... There are no ads anywhere near that post (post #8).



Are either of these showing an ad for you?

The first is direct and the second is linked, as it is in your post.

I see no ads at all, to be honest. I will need to spend a little time studying the source code and return to this.

This does look much more like malware or something photobucket is up to.

In the meantime, I recommend performing a quick scan with the free version of MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware. I will give you two links because I do not trust anything right at this moment.

I stress, do not buy anything or accept any trial. The free version is just fine. Quick scan is fine too.


There is a direct link to a download on that page, should you choose that. I'm assuming you are a Windows user, but I could be wrong.

This is just an alternative download location, in case you need it:

It is quite safe to let it clean whatever it finds. It may ask you to reboot, if there is a more stubborn issue. Just do what it says. If it finds anything, keep running it until you are clean.

The fact you are seeing this in an ad-free group should ring alarm bells! I don't think these are coming from yuku at all. Let me dig and see though.

If you get back here before I do, could you please tell me which browser and version you use?

Do these ads mean anything to you? They will be targetted to you for some reason. Acne? Cowboy? Do these remotely connect with anything or anywhere? Emails, sites visited?

Author:  andrew [ 7/22/14 23:44:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

I have had a good look and the more I think about it, the more I understand where you are coming from but at the moment, yuku is the least likely source of these.

Here is a snip from the PhotoBucket Terms of Use:
Photobucket has the right to place advertising, promotions, notifications or identifiers and watermarks on or near your Content, and how and what are up to us.

The other thing I notice is that board has Kontera ads on it. As far as I know, Kontera only produce inline text ads but that does not mean to say that this has not changed recently.

I noticed that you are noticing these in the last post of a topic and there is an advert 300-400px below that but that ad is 728px by 90px. This is far too large to be the ad superimposed on your image. You do refer to "nearly every tag posted in every section". This most certainly is not right! (Not saying you are not seeing them.)

Yuku is displaying an ad in the bottom of the shoutbox, yes. Yuku is displaying an ad top and bottom of a topic page. Yuku is displaying a 250x300px ad below the lead post, and at the time of viewing, also one between the 9th and 10th reply.

Your example image is 455px × 439px. Your second one is 513px × 490px. In both cases, the ad that is superimposed on it, actually fits the width of the image but I am still not sure that the image is actually the hook. I suspect the hook is actually the link you are posting around the image.

If you care to do a quick test, you could try a post there with just the plain image URL

or insert it with bbCode:

If that does not produce the ad, then it is a fair assumption that the link is the hook. We just need to find out where it is coming from.

Having said links, I suppose that brings VigLink into the equation too. That could be manipulating the link's URL.

If you work with me, we'll get to the bottom of it. I just need more evidence to go on. If it does turn out to be within yuku's control, if your approach is armed with evidence, you may have more success.

Can I invite passers-by to also check out debborella's posts and see if they see these ads? Thanks!

Author:  Sally [ 7/23/14 09:57:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

i took the liberty of looking in on the board in question and i also see the Ads.
i then looked in at one of my boards and the Ads are there also.
i am not a Yuku Supporter any more and my boards do not have anyone contributing to them so i assumed this was the reason for the Ads.
i would think that someone who is a supporter would have to check the Yuku boards and see if they can see the Ads.
Be supporter of ad free forums!

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( i made a visit to a board where they are Yuku Supporters and there are no Ads)

another update; i see that if i am signed on as owner of a board, it has no Ads.

Author:  andrew [ 7/23/14 11:24:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

Sally, there are ads on that board BUT are you seeing ads like in the screenshots above?

Yuku board Owners should not see ads on their own boards.

Author:  Sally [ 7/23/14 11:31:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

yes i see Ads like those above.

it also is a pain in the neck to view the boards with all those Ads. it takes ages to download and at times the Ads cover what you want to see.

Author:  auntiem [ 7/24/14 11:30:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

I'm not seeing any ads near any of the tags but, now that I think about it, I have an ad blocker.
Just disabled at and looked again ... no ads.

Author:  Sally [ 7/24/14 11:38:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: Photobucket and Yuku

auntiem, try looking at the site with out being logged in.

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