Firewall Blocking as a Known Threat

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I have had this message from one of my members this morning.

I wonder if anyone else is having this problem. My Firewall is blocking me from Grapevine 50's and says there is a known threat.

This has also happened to me not just in Grapevine 50's but in a few yuku groups, also happened to someone else I was talking to the other day.

Any ideas plz?

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Yep, contact the firewall manufacturer and alert them to it.

It may be genuine and it may be a false positive but this can only be addressed by the blocking agent.

It would only take one bad advert found for them to blacklist the whole domain. This is the way it should work and thankfully it does with some.

I really cannot advise that the person override the warning as it could well be genuine and doing so could put them at risk.

She may also want to detail this to the yuku helpdesk. They will not be too keen on their domain being blacklisted by whatever firewall. They too will want to verify this and take it up with the firewall manufacturer. This can help speed up the rectification.

Of course, we really have insufficient detail. For all we know, this person may have configured their firewall to block say, adult content and yuku is being classed as adult content.

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Thank you Andrew, I will pass that on to her.

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