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Help plz Andrew.
I have noticed in my 50's group when I post a picture it's not in the centre anymore, any ideas why.
Also when I type a sentence there are two line spaces between, this never used to happen.
It's only happening on the laptop I recently got repaired, it's not happening on the other one.
Any ideas why?
Thanx. :D

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Forgot to mention, spellcheck isn't working either.

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1. That can only be because it has not been centered.

You have an unclosed <center> tag in your header, which is being closed in the footer. This could be responsible for some weird behaviour.

There is nothing in your CSS that would cause posts (or images within posts) to center.

The laptop you had repaired is using IE11, where your Toshiba is using IE10. This is likely where the difference lies. One, other or both may be using compatibility view, which further complicates things.

It is possible that you are using two different versions of the WYSIWYG post editor, if the yuku code is not identifying (or using may be more appropriate) IE11 as IE and instead serving up the editor used for other browsers. One way to tell here is to try to create a link. 2 boxes = IE editor and 3 boxes = the other editor. When it comes to the post level, the IE editor creates paragraphs, whereas the other editor creates line breaks.

I am not sure that automatically centering images is a good idea. This makes it impossible to set an image to the left or right. Allowing the poster to center an image or not, allows for the options.

The header and footer both need fixed, so browsers handle things consistently. This may make the board look weird to you as it may not be how it has been but at least it will be correct. You can then further adjust whatever (correctly) into how you would like it to look.

In the case of the apparent double-spacing, until you get your browsers consistent, you will have to press the enter key either once or twice, so they appear the same when posted.

Unfortunately, you have not linked to examples of these posts and your security settings do not allow me to read posts on your board, otherwise I could have told you more.

I don't have time right now to rewrite your header, footer and give you some additional CSS but I will do this in due course.


Spellcheck likely confirms the editor inconsistency. Only IE users need spellcheck.

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I would suggest making a copy of your skin before applying these edits, just in case a mistake is made or you are unhappy with the outcome. Even if you are unhappy, it can be further adjusted to your liking, whereas what you have is open to interpretation, as you have found. When you are happy, you can apply the skin.

The code will look a little different from what you have but everything is covered, one way or another.

Replacement Custom Header
<chatbox limit="25" refresh="0" width="600px" height="200px">
<div class="join-now">
   <a class="button join-up" title="Click here to sign up for this group" href="/access/applicationmba/">Click Here To Join The Group</a>
<div class="layer1">
<div class="layer2">
<div class="layer3">
<div class="my-header">
   <a href="http://fotki.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://images16.fotki.com/v220/photos/2/1915442/10735477/WGheader-vi.png"></a>

Replacement Custom Footer
<div class="my-footer credits"><a href="http://janesskins.yuku.com/directory/" target="_blank"><img src="http://images46.fotki.com/v62/photos/2/1915442/10870241/cooltext921154842-vi.png"></a><br>
(Scrapkit used designed by Vaybs: http://designsbyvaybs.blogspot.com/)
<div class="my-footer top100">
<a href="http://yuku.gotop100.com/in.php?ref=274" target="_blank">Click Here to Visit All Time Yuku Favourites</a>

<username type="replace">
amron.shugagransshack : amron
babs.friendshiptagspsp : Babs
bobbybear.gethelp : bobbybear
claremorgan2008.designerelegance : claremorgan
clovergirlie2004.u : Clover
crazydreamtime.the50scommunity : CrazyDreamTime
dale.oldfogieslaughin : dale
darrell869.ourfantasycastle : darrell869
dirtydancer.u : DD
doug.suesbackpaingroup : Doug
georgieporgie.gv40sbackup : GeorgiePorgie
gracie1.grapevine60splus : grace1
lilradar.freewareandshareware : lilradar
megan1960.gethelp : Megan
missy.over50shavingfun : missy
porgie.gv40sbackup : Porgie
rockymz.designerelegance : Rockymz
silverpete.gethelp : silverpete
socates22.classiestwhitetigerswaifsandstrays : socates22
toetapping.justfriends : toetapping

Additional CSS
.join-now {
   margin: 20px auto;
   text-align: center;

.board-announcement { text-align: center; }

.post-content img {
   max-width: 700px;
   max-height: 700px;

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Thanx Andrew, I need to get my head around this before I do anything.
Thanx so much for your time and patience.

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