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For use on a Yuku message board, using paint program on my computer, I created
images, one for example in pixels 1,432 horizontal by 213 vertical. They posted
fine and fit the length of my computer screen perfectly in the forum.. Others tell me that on their computer screen, they need to move a scroll bar at the bottom of
the screen left-right-left etc to see the images. I don't have to do that on
my computer. Is there some simple procedure they can do to enable them to
see the images in their entirety without having to scroll? Thank you.

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You'd have to be a board administrator or Owner to resolve this.

Some people are using 1024px wide resolution and some on mobile devices will be even less. Consider that there will be a border of some sorts around the forum and the poster detail on the left, this really means that posting an image more than around 700px will just be too large.

Ideally, you should be making your images smaller and that is much more efficient for speed, especially if you compress then slightly.

If you are an administrator with access to skins, you can add a small snippet of CSS to your board's Advanced CSS, which will restrain these over-sized images.

.post-content img { max-width: 700px; }

The value can be adjusted to suit but it will be close.

If you are not an administrator, PM one and point them at this topic.

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