Chat problems here too

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We have 2 chats in our group.
We have one in our Mod den whis is for Admin and Mods only  and the other is in the General area for all the members.

Went to use it today as we have a new mod and using it will be easier than using PM and emails to 'teach' her how to do things.
But its telling me my user name is an error???????   Like  I've been using the same name for the last 2 years. 

Anyone know if theres 'issues'  with the chat  or is it still there????   Havent used it for a couple of months so with all the changes anything could've happened!!!

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If it were me, I would check to see if others have this issue or not. Maybe try another username too. If it is happening for more than one, it might be worth deleting and making a new chatroom or even just make a new chatroom and test that.

If it is just one user though, it might be an idea to try logging-out and back in again or clearing cache (temporary internet files and cookies). However, if you are using IE8 and have yuku bookmarked, you will need to clear the check box labelled "Preserve Favorites website data".

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when I was on Dial up that was an everyday issue for me...I had to delete and create a new chat, at least once or twice every dayImage

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Yes others were having the problem too.

I've uninstalled both chats we had and put new ones up. 
They seem to be working so far. 

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