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Not Show Edited By in Messages
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Author:  Gran [ 1/20/15 00:00:44 ]
Post subject:  Not Show Edited By in Messages

Trying for the admin edited to not show in messages... Not working.. I have tried everything... What am I doing wrong.? I placed in Css and Global!

.admin-edit { display: none; }
.Gran-shugagransshack .edit-info {display:none;}
.Grany-qotddatabase .edit-info {display:none;}

.DocShock-shugagransshack .edit-info {display:none;}[/quote]
users: DocShock.shugagransshack, Gran.shugagransshack, grany.qotddatabase
css: admin-edit[/quote]

.Gran-shugagransshack .edit-info {display:none;}
.Granny-qotddatabase .edit-info {display:none;}
. DocShock-shugagransshack .edit-info {display:none;}
users: DocShock.shugagransshack, Gran.shugagransshack, Grany.qotddatabase
css: admin-edit

Author:  andrew [ 1/20/15 11:30:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: Not Show Edited By in Messages

Either you have fixed this and it is now working or the script was slow and hence the CSS had no affect. It is working for me here.

It could well be the latter because the pages took an eternity to open for me. Yuku is S_L_O_W!

This part is the script part, which is in your Global Footer:
users: Gran.shugagransshack, DocShock.shugagransshack,gran.qotddatabase
css: admin-edit

Author:  1992casey [ 1/20/15 13:37:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: Not Show Edited By in Messages

Keep in mind that this is a cosmetic "fix" and that visitors can opt to see the "edited by" if they know how to make it happen. In Firefox, for instance, it's really easy to toggle CSS off. Or one could add code to the Stylish extension. Also, if Yuku's Tapatalk app is like the standard Tapatalk app, CSS wouldn't be recognized at all.

Author:  Gran [ 1/20/15 15:08:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: Not Show Edited By in Messages

Thank you.. Andrew you and Casey are a treasure of info
I just need it because we our members play many games and the moderator needs to fix mistakes.. sometimes players are alarmed because they made a mistake and if not fixed the game goes in the wrong direction.
the 'edited by'... is best not seen in our case.

Author:  Gran [ 1/21/15 02:25:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: Not Show Edited By in Messages

It is fixed Thank you So Much!

Author:  andrew [ 1/21/15 10:15:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: Not Show Edited By in Messages

Please do not cross-post as this just wastes people's time. If you have a question that needs answered, post it in ONE place only.

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