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Author:  starofwonder [ 4/09/15 19:11:13 ]
Post subject:  Forums

there must be a ton of Yuku forums out there

is there a search anywhere

or a list of forums a to z or category ?

Author:  andrew [ 4/09/15 20:44:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: Forums

Yes, there are a "ton" of yuku forums out there but over 80% are dead, having no activity (or a little spam) for months or years.

There is a kind of search facility, which appears to be very beta, on the bottom of each yuku page. If you want to wade through semi-relevant topics, you may strike on a forum you fancy. At least it is current, unlike the previous offering, which frustratingly and clearly highlighted just how many dead forums there were, along with the private (MBA) ones.

IMHO, there has only been one effective way to search for yuku forums and that is by using operators in a Google search. Just add (without quotes): "site:yuku.com" to a search. You may also want to adjust the time span of the search results to something more current. Here's an example search, to get you going.

You may want to check out that "find" facility again after a few months, as it may have been improved.

Author:  starofwonder [ 4/10/15 00:03:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: Forums

MAYBE we need a thread in here........ good active forums....
an people could post links.... maybe even get an a to z list !

Author:  andrew [ 4/10/15 08:38:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: Forums

Had that idea a few years back. There was some initial interest and I made a start on it but when push came to shove nobody came through. I shelved the project and it is now obsolete.

If a forum is good, people generally manage to find their way there.

Was there something in particular that you were looking for?

Author:  starofwonder [ 4/10/15 11:38:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: Forums

THOUGHT there d be a Carry On forum somewhere

Author:  andrew [ 4/10/15 11:53:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: Forums

Not really. That would not be sufficient to sustain a whole forum.

You will find a few hundred old topics scattered over the whole of yuku but not a dedicated board.

Ask this guy (and by all means tell him I sent you): http://bigbruvofengianduk.u.yuku.com/

Author:  adrenalin [ 10/16/15 13:40:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: Forums

starofwonder wrote:there must be a ton of Yuku forums out there

is there a search anywhere

or a list of forums a to z or category ?

At that time did not exist, but for nearly a month is here:

Registry of Yuku and Lefora Forums - From A to Z (link to Yuku)

We have exactly 1697 forums, of course, it is updated daily.

Anyone who wants is invited to add forum if it is not on the list.
It's sorted on the basis of links, not by the forum names or categories.

As you've already said, there are many abandoned forums, some do not even exist, but some have a lot of interesting materials and informations. :)

P.S. You must be logged in to view, you may also like anonymous.

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