Yuku has been sold to taptalk??

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There is a rumor..
Yuku has been sold to taptalk and in about 2-3 weeks it will change the way yuku looks and all forums will go haywire. Basically Yuku will not look like YUKU.
Is it true?

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It would appear to be very low-key but also nearly correct.

My suggestion to all would be to become active in any beta testing of the new forum software and also very vocal.

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Very vocal and kissing the nice skins, banners, buttons, etc... goodbye. My little board has been moved to tapatalk, all the work that I put into the separate skins is gone, and trying to make this new thing look a tiny bit better, is a struggle. Then of course, the albums may or may not eventually be there and if they are, are they usable? And the smileys that are offered? :x
If you had a puking smiley, I would use that multiple times, here: ~barf~barf~barf~

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I hear You Elara. There is one board of skins that took a long time and effort to put back together at another time and now those skins are gone.
i have no idea where they went and at this point i don't give a crap. i doubt i will be working to replace them on that board or any board any time soon.
that is if we can have skins with tapapuke.
yes i am not known as a patient person. ;)

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I am sick over the loss of my board's skins.
Well I guess good things never last

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I'm very sad too.

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