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Is this New?
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Author:  pearlwisdom [ 12/28/10 08:51:32 ]
Post subject:  Is this New?

I just noticed in my admin panel:

when I edit the information of a forum, there is an added box there now.
Under the forum description, there is another box for forum announcement.
I don't remember seeing that one before.  Has it always been there?
Could this be one of the new improvements that have started to happen?


So that there is now a announcement window for each and every forum.
I've I been out to lunch for too long or is this new.

Author:  andrew [ 12/28/10 09:05:00 ]
Post subject:  Is this New?

I hope you enjoyed that lunch, Pearl. LOL

Yes, there is a forum announcement box for each forum. It has been there for quite a while. Not sure when it arrived but it has been there for years.

In Community Settings > Info, there is another announcement box, with an option to show in all forums as well.

The announcement/s appear between your tool-box and top control-box (where the buttons are). You can use HTML in there, if you wish.

If your skin has not been set up with announcements in mind, it may require a little tweaking to your liking but it may not.

Author:  Former Member [ 12/28/10 09:39:54 ]
Post subject:  Is this New?

Well, I am afraid I over did Lunch.  It has been over two years, 2 years and 2 months precisely. I am going on a diet now.

Thanks for the info Andrew.  I think what happens with me is that what I don't use I don't see.
I am seeing more things recently though. 
I need to remember to do spell check too. 
Trying to shake my lunch off and think.

Author:  andrew [ 12/28/10 09:53:04 ]
Post subject:  Is this New?

I'm like that too Pearl. I can identify 100%.

Relax! Did you make a typo? I never noticed. LOL Enjoy the rest of your lunch break.

Author:  Cindy Sss [ 12/29/10 20:10:13 ]
Post subject:  Is this New?

Pearl, I never use spell check.  Firefox catches all of my typos and I like that! Image

Author:  Former Member [ 12/30/10 12:49:45 ]
Post subject:  Is this New?

Firefox I keep using IE though I have firefox.
Might just do the switch.  Thanks Cindy.

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