It has always been possible to create pages on a yuku message board by using some lateral thinking, in spite of it last being seen as a feature "in development" for many years.

The concept involves using an empty forum, with a custom skin applied to only that forum.

On the yuku classic layouts, a blank page can be created, where you can use your own HTML to make your own page. This simply involves hiding the existing yuku boxes and placing your HTML in the Custom Header. You can hide all boxes, with this small piece of CSS, which you can add to your dedicated skin's Advanced CSS.
.community-content { display: none; }

A similar effect should also be possible using the beta responsive design layout. The principle would be to place your HTML in the forum announcement box and use some CSS to hide the parts you do not wish to appear.

If you need assistance, we will need a link to where we can view your forum that you are working on.