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Hello everyone.
Let me start by thanking you all, this forum really help!
Now, I don't know a thing about CSS and when ezboard change to yuku it made a complete mess with my board. Back then I was able to fix some of them. I lay low for a while and now that I tried to reactivate my board I simply just can not make it work.

The first inconvenience was the fixed size from avatar. I'd searched it here founding this CSS code to be put at global css footer :
p.user-avatar img { width: 300px;max-heigth: 300px}

It helped with the size but the image gets very blurry and my intention is let the avatar on fullsize and not set them.

Second, I noticed that the author's column don't resize, you see, I want the member to use their own size avatar and that the board adjust itself with the size of the avatar. Ow! I tried this code:
#forum-box table { width: auto; }

but it didn't work, or I'm putting it in a wrong place.

So, what I really want is:
1. not setting an avatar size
2. the author's column to adjust itself with the avatar image
3. use historic avatars (which, by the way, I marked the option at every member profile)

Thanks for the attention I hope you can help me.

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Hi rakellsm and welcome. :)

It's always helpful when asking for help that you leave a link to your board. This helps establish what type of board you have as well as in understanding the issue. Skins are usually unique in the way they work and it is much better to give you specific advice rather than general and you have to keep returning because you find in your case that it did not work.

rakellsm wrote:1. not setting an avatar size
2. the author's column to adjust itself with the avatar image
3. use historic avatars (which, by the way, I marked the option at every member profile)

  1. This is impossible on yuku.
  2. This can be done but not with your above code. Also see above regarding supplying a link to where we can view your board.
  3. Yeah, many would love this back but that feature was withdrawn unfortunately.

There have been many issues on yuku and you do seem to have picked a problem area! Yuku has moved servers and changed Owners on more than one occasion. I'm an ex-EzBoarder myself, so I do relate totally to where you are coming from and what you are saying.

There was a full-sized avatar script but the functionality of this broke when avatars were changed just after yuku was put on Amazon servers. I don't think this was ever fixed because there are too many issues surrounding it and specifically two different types of profiles and the different ways their images work.

This leaves you with stretching a 100px X 100px image, which can almost be acceptable if you don't stretch a good quality image too much (maybe up to 150%). There is always degradation.

Having said that, 150px would actually fit in the poster-detail column, without having to alter that.

I have heard no update on the full sized avatar script and have not even tried it for some years but do have a look in your board's script library for it and give it a try. It may have been fixed for all I know! This does almost work the way you would like it too because it was designed to replace the avatar on the board with the full-sized one that was uploaded. It will either work or not work.

If you don't have too many members, you could turn off their avatars and use an image placed in their Custom Title. Just a passing thought.

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Hello Andrew and thanks for the answer!

I have over 6 boards but they have the same template... here's is the test one:http://theancientengland.yuku.com/topic/367/avatar.

Yuku really suks, isn't it? :rollin EZ-board was awsome! We could do so many things...
Since I can't have the historic avatars, that would be a better solution indeed, now I just need to figure it out how to enlarge the poster-detail column.

Well... since I want the bigger avatar I tried what you said about putting the pic at the custon title. It gets the actual full size but that column didn't adjust to cover the entire picture.

I had a code here that made the poster-detail column to expand:
.avatar-block { display: inline; }
even geting rid of the avatar, it adjust to the costum title pic (donno why, don't ask). The pic is too big because I had set the board-default as 250x350 (a veeeery long time ago) so it would fit perfectly, now I simply have to size the pic itself.

The code:
.poster-detail {width: 300px}

didn't make any change, the column keeps adjusting to the pic in the costum title.

It was easier to change the avatar but if I want a large pic I 'll have to keep with costum title.

If you have some tips for me to set the poster-detail colum width I'm all ears, or eyes.. =D

thanks again!

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What worked in days gone by may not work now. As I said, there have been many changes over the years. To adjust the width of that column, place the following code at the end of your skin/global CSS and adjust the size to your liking.
div.discussion-box .avatar-block,
div.discussion-box .user-name
{width: 320px;}

rakellsm wrote:The pic is too big because I had set the board-default as 250x350 (a veeeery long time ago) so it would fit perfectly, now I simply have to size the pic itself.

This may be of some help to you. It will restrict the width of any image placed in the Custom Title (and save you resizing them).
.custom_title img { max-width: 300px; }

(Sorry, I could not see your board but I am guessing it is the classic style rather than the beta responsive.)

(Sorry also for the delay in replying as I have not been at my PC most of the day ... I was at another one! :P )

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Andrew! Thanks!!

It works perfectly!!! ^^ Now I can have my pics again!! I know a thing about css, I used to go with HTML, but many many years without using it I'd forgotten all of it. x)

It is the classic style indeed, it's old like most of the codes... lol

Thanks again!!

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You're welcome Rakell. :)

Separation of HTML and CSS is really quite easy: HTML is used for the framework and CSS is used for the look. HTML has <pointy bits> and CSS has {curly bits}. (I have a feeling you know what goes where though.) Once you get used to it again, you will be able to view source and then find out how to act on that using CSS.

Have fun!

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