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.reply-box { display: none; }
.reply-tools a.reply { display: none; }

I have that in the Active Skin Advanced CSS

How do I set my group to show the quick reply box in Just 2 areas?
LET'S CHAT ON THE FRONT PORCH http://shugagransshack.yuku.com/topic/11473?page=-1
and GENERAL http://shugagransshack.yuku.com/forums/70/GENERAL

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Place this after the code that you have.
.forum251 .reply-box,
.forum251 .reply-tools a.reply,
.forum70 .reply-box,
.forum70 .reply-tools a.reply { display: block; }

You have that duplicated in your Global CSS and your blue-grey skin's CSS. One set should go.

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