How about a banner place and a game share board

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how about a banner place were your members can add there group banners
so other members can see what groups are in yuku and maybe join you can allso put your banner there for members to take to there own groups
allso how about a game share board for thos who have game ideas and them that like to make games to share with otheres


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I have no intention of allowing promotion on this board. There is a link to your community in your Custom Title. Please be grateful for that.

I have no intention of allowing one game, let alone a forum.

The reason is that both would drag the content of this board far away from the purpose intended. General boards fail. Promotions boards fail. Games boards fail. If I did either, this board would fail too and I may as well close it down now, rather than in a few months.

If you want a successful board, pick a niche topic and stick to it.

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good Idea Hippy but i agree with Andrew.

i am not really into boards that have way too many games and lots of forums. but some people like that so its best they make their own boards that way and let Yuku "advertise" for them.

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