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I tried to post an image that was too large for the board. I realized before I posted it that it was too large to fit into a post, but I figured there was an image-tamer code on the board that would have automatically resized it smaller.

Presuming the image-sizer would shrink the images to fit inside the post, I also coded links so that the reader could click on the image to view it fullsize.

But what happened was that it would not allow me to post. It said the maximum width of my images could be 800px.

So I had to resize all my images, and upload them to Photobucket. So, I needed to have two images for every image I wanted to post: a full-size image, and a second image that was 800px wide.

I would like to suggest that you incorporate an image tamer onto the board so that wide images can be posted and shrunk to 800px automatically.


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If I were to do that, I would have to store people's images and I really do not want to do that. The reason the physical size is restricted to 800px is to keep people's viewing experience fast and not use too much of their bandwidth. The maximum physical size of a posted image is reduced in width to 780px if it is higher.

If using PhotoBucket, there is a thumbnail code available - or at least there was before they updated their site.


Note: The thumbnail URL has "th_" prefixed to the image name.

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Oh, I see. Okay.

I didn't know that about PhotoBucket's thumbnail code. Thanks. I'll look into that.

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It's much more user friendly to post smaller images and let people choose whether to view them or not. It is also better for your PhotoBucket bandwidth allowance.

What happens is PhotoBucket require that the image is renewed in people's caches every 6 hours! That means any topic followers are repeatedly (and unnecessarily) downloading the image afresh, every time they visit the topic. They may only need to view the image once to create that mental impression required.

So, linked thumbnails works best for all.

It used to be that PhotoBucket provided this code, all ready to use, as an option and that may still be the case but you may have to hunt to find it. They call it "IMG Thumb". Link-Codes-Embedding-or-Linking-Photos-and-Videos



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I've avoided image taming on our boards because we've run across the occasional image that would get "wrecked" by reducing it. While a CSS solution would allow members to view the full sized image by right-clicking, it's not readily apparent that readers are seeing a reduced size version.

On our boards, to handle images that are too wide, we've included CSS that will make the message horizontally scrollable. That way, page layout doesn't get messed up. Andrew has similar code on this board.

By the way, I agree with not posting inline images that are too large, either because of their dimensions or file sizes. My personal width limit is about 600px vs. 800, but the point remains the same. :)

Sometimes, I don't want to reduce an image's dimensions because I want the reader to benefit from being able to view the full size. In those cases, I'll post a thumbnail or a link. On our boards, if we have a member who posts a huge inline image, a moderator may edit the post so it's linked instead.

It's good to keep in mind what Andrew posted about Photobucket images being cached for only six hours. That makes Photobucket a lousy choice for board skins. The only reason I use it for pictures in messages is because I haven't taken the time to find anything better. :)

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