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I thought maybe a section  to list things to stay away from or be aware of....
I was all  excited because I received a few  emails  wanting to do a link exchange with Canine Support Group..
Silly me was thrilled !!!
I ran this by Andrew... and the response I got back was a shock to me !!!
I was unaware of  spamming this way... I also wonder if I'm just out in left field, or this is another one of those things that some of us are not aware of?
I'm sure there are many NO NO's  that we should know if we want our board to be a success...
And having a section where members can post there concern , and find out if its a go or not would be good.
Just a thought...

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While I agree that it would appear to be covered in the name "Member Support" or by the concept of "Members helping Members", this is not really something this board is intended to cover because the intention is to help yuku Members with yuku issues.

There is certainly no call for a "section" but it might make for a topic, if anyone is interested. The fact is though that this has been covered millions of times before, so I see no need to re-hash old news. Look, more than 100M results.

I'll keep it simple. If you do not know the sender, be very, very suspicious. If you know the sender, be very suspicious. Do not click on links in any suspicious emails and do not reply to them as both of these simply confirm your existence. Do your own research - if you feel that it is that important - and Google the email address and content.

Now, I suspect that if that had been applied to the above case the email would have ended up in the deleted folder ages ago. No need to go checking the Company out or even visit their website. If they are sending spam emails, their site may also be collecting information from your browsing of it that could be put to malicious use.

If anyone else has more input, I would be glad to hear it.

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