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'Announcements' thread
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Author:  Gran [ 2/17/11 15:28:33 ]
Post subject:  'Announcements' thread

Would Member Support benefit from a 'Announcements' thread to catch up on all the latest Member support and Yuku developments?
 As of now I a bouncing all over Yuku to catch snipits of developements of what is happening..

Author:  andrew [ 2/17/11 18:20:59 ]
Post subject:  'Announcements' thread

I know what you mean, Gran. I just don't feel that an unofficial board can or should "announce" things.

Let me think about it. Maybe something can be built into the pages.

Author:  Gran [ 2/17/11 21:28:10 ]
Post subject:  'Announcements' thread

Image  Everyone could post what they learned or heard.. Truth or Rumour? Just for Interesting posts...

Author:  andrew [ 2/17/11 21:40:34 ]
Post subject:  'Announcements' thread

Yeah. I do know what you are getting at. I tried featuring topics and some had so much discussion in them that the "breaking news" got buried. Same would happen if there is a free-for-all topic. I'm thinking more along the lines of let people post what they want and then index it somehow. Whether to make that a topic or a part of a page, I am unsure. People don't read stickies. It's the unwritten rule! Image

Author:  Gran [ 2/18/11 19:35:09 ]
Post subject:  'Announcements' thread

People don't read stickies. It's the unwritten rule! Image

I KNOW Sad really cause we want them to be read!

Author:  xMariex [ 12/11/11 20:36:35 ]
Post subject:  'Announcements' thread

Well that just make sme the odd woman out then! lol Image

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