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Author:  1992casey [ 1/01/11 10:25:48 ]
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Another thing to avoid in screen captures is featured topics from private forums.

A really good way to avoid these issues is to take screen captures while logged in with a member-level profile. Another option is to inspect one's screen capture and black out private information with a graphics program.

Author:  1992casey [ 1/01/11 10:31:48 ]
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andrew wrote:Then we have to go and enable them.…

Once a Member makes a post, the auto-title will show in all their posts.  Just make a test post and see.
It appears that all of our members have auto-titles enabled. It's just that we currently aren't using them. If I were to create an auto-title under these circumstances, would they still need to post for the title to appear?

Author:  andrew [ 1/01/11 10:34:49 ]
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Yes, I am pretty sure they do. Make one with a period in it and test.

Author:  wendy1 [ 1/01/11 16:28:26 ]
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bwayne wrote:Yes, I understand that.  I was trying to let Wendy know that they don't have to be available to the public.  But good point about screen shots.....so easy to forget that sort of thing.

Thank you, Bwayne. Image

Author:  wendy1 [ 1/06/11 23:00:39 ]
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Very sorry, ours are only visible to admins.Image

Author:  wendy1 [ 1/16/11 23:46:56 ]
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They've been taken off. l don't like them being visible at all.

Author:  andrew [ 3/17/11 14:21:18 ]
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andrew wrote:People have seen the jump arrows that I placed in the poster detail area on this board and asked how it was done. In a nutshell, they are just linked images placed in the auto-title and a named anchor placed in the Custom Footer.

To begin, insert the following line in your Custom (or Global) Footer:
<a name="bottom"></a>
Then we move on to set-up the auto-title to link to this and the top.
  1. Admin > Members > Auto Titles
  2. Beside "Membership", click "add new"
  3. Give it a title. I called mine Up & Down.
  4. Press the HTML button so it glows yellow. (just to the left of spellcheck)
  5. Paste in the following code:
<div style="width: 100px;">
 <a href="#" title="Go to top" style="text-decoration: none;"><img  src="http://images.yuku.com/image/gif/f6926175a57ed8ae9dfea34c2b76020a1f83ba92.gif" alt="top"></a>
 <a href="#bottom" title="Go to bottom" style="text-decoration: none; width: 29px; float: right;"> <img src="http://images.yuku.com/image/gif/f5e16c587d8494eb47264ed9c4b8695831820674.gif" alt="bottom"></a>
  1. Press Save.
  2. Just check that it says zero in the box beside it and don't worry if it looks a bit odd.
Then we have to go and enable them.
  1. Admin > Community Settings > Display Preferences
  2. Beside "Poster Info", place a check-mark in the box to the left of "auto title".
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and press "submit".
That's it!

So, you go and look at your board and don't see them. Don't worry, this is normal. Once a Member makes a post, the auto-title will show in all their posts. Just make a test post and see.

Obviously you are free to change the images and if you need a bit of help with styling them to suit your board, please ask. Remember when asking that we will probably need to see them in action to be able to give good advice. A link always helps.

OK, I have scored out either what you have done or is unnecessary.  The most common mistake is not turning them on and I highlighted that in yellow.  Please also check your individual profile in Member Management, just to make sure you didn't turn the Auto-Title off there individually.

Author:  Gran [ 3/17/11 17:24:44 ]
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Please test I am having trouble making them work I see them but When I click I get a white page :(

Author:  andrew [ 3/17/11 19:46:17 ]
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Post again and they will work.

Author:  Gran [ 3/17/11 21:00:18 ]
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I got all Adnins and mods working but No members arrows work
Wait? until they post again?

 nope not working my sister just posted... getting the white page

Author:  Gran [ 3/17/11 23:10:25 ]
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Now admins stopped working too :(

Author:  andrew [ 3/18/11 04:17:40 ]
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Gran, I have fixed the auto-title again. Please leave it alone and let people post. Once they have posted it will clear the bad links out.

Author:  Gran [ 3/18/11 06:45:01 ]
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Whew Thanks Andrew
Guess I just worry too much. I fight with codes and I am so impatient to get them to work. I want them to work immediate or I fuss with em. Codes I just never trust to do what they are set up to do.
Gran Hugs if you want em

Author:  Sally [ 3/22/11 05:35:23 ]
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Well i'll be. i never knew about the up and down arrows. ya learn sumtin every day around here Image

Author:  andrew [ 4/30/11 00:23:10 ]
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Discussion on this continued here.

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