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Author:  1992casey [ 1/07/11 19:09:17 ]
Post subject:  Hot topic icon

It looks to me like the "new" icon on new messages within the thread has disappeared. Can that be put back? I think that's useful.

Author:  andrew [ 1/08/11 01:14:23 ]
Post subject:  Hot topic icon

I don't think it was ever there but I added it in because it is useful. Thanks for pointing it out.

Author:  paul4 [ 1/08/11 01:34:47 ]
Post subject:  Hot topic icon

What's happened though? On the General forum I have "New" icons for all but the very first topic, and I don't have a "mark forum read" button now (thought it was there before)

Author:  paul4 [ 1/08/11 01:40:28 ]
Post subject:  Hot topic icon

I think "the mechanic" is under the bonnet (hood to y'all west of here Image) as it's ok now Image

Talk about making someone look an idjut Image

Author:  andrew [ 1/08/11 01:42:33 ]
Post subject:  Hot topic icon

Mark Read is still there both top and bottom. If it disappeared on you, try a hard refresh (Ctrl+F5).

The "No New Posts" icon was removed for clarity.

Author:  Cindy Sss [ 1/13/11 20:43:04 ]
Post subject:  Hot topic icon

I've never had hot topics icon enabled and the no new icon as well.  Just New.  I like it better.  Thanks. Image

Author:  Goldengal [ 1/18/11 06:22:57 ]
Post subject:  Hot topic icon

Oh see If something is marked new I'll look to see what it is but I never noticed the hot topic anywhere else but in my board. LOL My members like them. So I keep them.

Author:  xMariex [ 12/11/11 20:44:59 ]
Post subject:  Hot topic icon

andrew wrote:What is hot to one person is not to another. Hot also doesn't have a lot to do with post count, yet that is the way it works.
Now that I can agree with! Image

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