1Password 5 now free for iOS; in-app purchase for "pro" features

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This is a good move as it encourages security. You get the basics for free, and "pro" features can be purchased for $9.99. Those who previously purchased 1Password 4 receive the pro features for free. iOS8 is required.

New features include Touch ID capability and direct access from Safari. Third party developers can build 1Password access into their apps. These options would have been impossible to offer before iOS8.

To use 1Password in Safari, the 1Password extension needs to be manually enabled within Safari. The procedure would be the same with any apps that offer Safari extensions. Safari extensions are new to iOS8.

These are the pro features:

Upgrade to 1Password Pro and add many great additional features:

◆ Multiple and Shared vaults
- Collaborate securely between team members
- Share strong passwords with the whole family
- Automatic sync keeps everyone up-to-date
◆ Additional categories including driver’s license, passport and many more
◆ Organize your data into folders or browse by tags
◆ Customize your items with multiple URLs, custom fields and more

1Password for iOS: Full Description, itunes.com

1Password 5 for Mac will be released soon, probably in conjunction with the release of OS X 10.10 Yosemite. I haven't heard about pricing, but I believe that the upgrade will be free for current users. I'd assume that upgraded versions for Windows and Android will be released at some point too.

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A good move by AgileBits or were they paid to do it?

Third party developers can build 1Password access into their apps.

This too is good! Things are beginning to come together nicely, and particularly for Apple.

Android will not be that far behind, that just leaves M$ at the end of the line again...

When I get a chance (wonder what year that might be), I will look into this more. The system is good but I still cannot help wonder about future cracking of password files. We know the NSA has been storing encrypted data, with a view to it being crackable in the future, so the idea is not altogether foolish. Probably good enough though if passwords are changed every 3 months.

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I haven't heard of AgileBits receiving any money for making their app free. They might simply feel that this move puts them in a better position to compete, especially since Apple made its Keychain feature an optional part of iCloud last year.

I assume that it's possible to decrypt either now or later. But I think more about what the alternatives would be. For most people, the alternatives would be significantly less secure than the possibility of someone coming in and decrypting data at some point. Some of these alternatives include using passwords that are easy to crack, using the same password for more than one login, or carrying bank account information around in one's pocket or purse.

Also figure that encrypted password files are hopefully sitting behind additional security that would need to be cracked before even finding them. There's the account password on Macs/PCs and the option to encrypt storage. In addition to the option of encrypting storage, newer Macs offer the ability to have firmware passwords; the firmware password is necessary when connecting one's hard drive or SSD to another device. There's the phone or tablet passcode and encryption. (All iOS device storage is encrypted.) And there's a cloud password and possible encryption (depending on the service).

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On balance, it works!

On a sidenote, I personally have issues with encrypted data and password protected firm/hardware. If people have not backed up - and there are a great many who don't - failure will result in loss of their data. IMHO, there is a higher risk of hardware failure than there is of risk to data theft. I know this will be different for everyone and especially from platform to platform BUT it doesn't help me like the idea! This then rather compels people to use a cloud-based backup/synchronization service and wear the increased risk of that. Quite definitely a split between a regular user and a business one. This divide is widening and frankly, there are less choices for business users these days. Not all businesses can afford bespoke software.

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