DON'T microwave your iPhone

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There's a hoax ad floating around saying that Apple's iOS 8 has introduced a new "Wave" feature that allows iPhones to be charged in microwave ovens.

Hopefully, it'll be obvious to most that all phones have metal parts and that no phone should be placed in a microwave. There'll be people who fall for this, though.

Beware Fake Adverts Saying You Can Charge Your iPhone in a Microwave

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My first reaction was just to laugh ... and I still am!

Fairly well done but not perfect. The "cooking" times are clearly wrong.

Someone paid to have that ad seen. There will also be a trackback.

Motivation? I'd love to know what that was.

If around one in a thousand ads are ever clicked and only 33% of them by smartphone users (stats taken a few mins ago from a live site), this does make the number of clickthroughs quite small but still people will fall for this. I wonder where these ads clicked through to?

I also wonder what ad network allowed this ad?

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I don't wish to hijack the thread, but as it's relevant ............

Many years ago there were scare stories of health issues relating to leakages from microwave ovens. A work colleague's wife was a nurse and she was particularly peturbed by this. In those days there were magazines for avid electronic circuit constructors, likely "practical radio" or whatever, and there was a leakage detector circuit which my colleague constructed.

He demonstrated this to his wife but she then asked how did he know it was working. He was obviously flummoxed by this, and he was not thinking straight :\ , so he put it "inside" the oven and switched it on so she could see the meter readout ................... oh dear, sparks of several sorts flew in that household that day :lol

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Image That was seriously too hilarious when I saw that and thought "Why would anybody microwave their phone are they rich or something?!?!" lol

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