Whatsapp end-to-end-encryption

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Talking out loud ....................

So I get this message saying there's a new end-to-end-encryption - tap for more info, and a verify button.

It gives a QR code and a lot of numbers. I hesitate to look at the QR code because (for me) I reckon it brings on visual migraines, but there's a "scan code" button which presumably you point at your contact's phone (except he's 250 miles away :\ )

I can get an optical reader app, but it says point the camera at the code - which is on the screen, camera is on the rear :lol

So I manage to send (share) code to pal and he scans it, sounds daft.

Whatsapp reckon there's a small indicator when chats are secure, can't find this indicator.

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What's wrong with taking a screenshot and sending it?

FYI, WhatsApp is to Facebook is to Government snooping as Skype is to Microsoft is to Government snooping.

Both started out with great models and sold out, I reckon mostly due to pressures.

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Did send screenshot when I eventually managed it :lol

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People, be careful. Don't install applications called "WhatsApp Plus" or "WhatsApp Gold". They are not the official versions. These programs are malware.

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