More intrusion?

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Is BBC (website) moving away from Flash? Now using something called Playbuzz? Which i cant view on android :\


Seems like more intrusion?

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Don't get me started! I used to LOVE the Internet in its early days. Now it is just a tool that I wrestle with every single day and I have less and less inclination to have anything to do with it. Why am I even here? I promised to meet someone. Why am I at this particular site? I want to make a record of a few songs, so I can close tabs in a completely separate purpose-dedicated browser.

I can see NO video content on either of the pages you linked. Am I going to investigate it? No. Why? Because if I have blocked something, it is deemed to be undesirable in some way or another. I am NOT going to undo my own security just to see some web content. I'll either go elsewhere or do without.


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The first link just included "Formula 1 2017: New car launches in pictures" - whether a video or a slideshow of some sort, no idea. It doesn't load in Linux nor in Android. I was just interested in what car would look like for next season. Like you not going to investigate, was just sayin ......

The second link just gave info :

Some of the interactive features on the BBC Sport website use technology made by a company called PlayBuzz.

When you use or play any of these, PlayBuzz collects information about some of the things you do, like which buttons you press.

The information that you provide will be collected and compiled by the BBC and PlayBuzz for the purpose of monitoring usage of the service and informing future improvements. Other than PlayBuzz, the BBC will not share your personal details with any other third party without your permission.

You should know that PlayBuzz uses Google Analytics and you should review these third parties' Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notices for more information about how they will use your personal information:

link to PlayBuzz Privacy Policy

link to Google Privacy Policy

The BBC has no control over, and is not responsible for, how third parties use the personal information that they collect. For more information about how the BBC handles your information please visit the BBC Privacy Policy.
Opt-out of Google Analytics

You can opt-out of Google Analytics cookies by installing a plug-in in your browser.

Visit BBC Cookie Information to find out how.

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